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  1. Какой ужас И смешно, и грустно!
  2. patrick13

    Пиратия на unity3d

    Hi Wolfen. I've started working on my project again and when I was exporting animations from the file you have uploaded, noticed that phyllis hasn't been rendered correctly. Is there any way you can provide a fix for that?
  3. I do not have the time to help with server administration but I can code a website for you in either php, asp.net or python. If interested, hmu.
  4. patrick13

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    what a release
  5. patrick13

    Lua gui

    Если для пиратии, то ответ выше. Если в целом, то советую обратить внимание на wxLua.
  6. Fair play! I've stopped working on mine, cause been invited to work on a top-related project atm. And I agree about the UE/ Unity choice, but as I'm doing it just for myself I don't mind really. That's the latest video I've made on my progress: Have to say that even though in current top models don't look too bad(ish), when switching to another engine they definitely need remodeling...
  7. patrick13

    Assigning items in real time

    Yes, this can be done in lua indeed. My goal was to be able to assign items from website to character in game in real time which required a bit more comprehensive solution rather than plain lua. Anyway, I was kind of hoping for some suggestions which seems like is not going to happen, so @V3ct0r if you could just lock this thread I'll be very thankful.
  8. patrick13

    Assigning items in real time

    Adding gold is definitely doable, retrieving cha items should be possible as well but I assume it'd be a bit more complex.
  9. patrick13

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    You need to find where to hook is and remove it first then null out the memory at the dll location. Long story short, you're better off using a fresh executable without that library.
  10. patrick13

    Assigning items in real time

    Created a tool that handles requests and sends them to the server which then validates data and executes an appropriate action. Might release it later. Currently supports only GiveItem but I reckon I should be able to add a lot more. Any suggestions on what else can be done?
  11. patrick13

    Guild Leveling - Addon

    I doubt values don't get updated due to queries execution time. Most likely they get loaded upon opening the guild window hence the need to re-open. Not sure though, need to double-check the source code.
  12. patrick13

    Пиратия на unity3d

    Да, всё получилось. Большое спасибо! Может быть создам отдельную тему и покажу, что уже сделано, вдруг кому-то будет интересно.
  13. patrick13

    Adding server time/clock in game

    Oh sorry I misunderstood the question. I reckon it would require edits on both client and server considering that you'd prefer to control it via server.
  14. patrick13

    Adding server time/clock in game

    Yes, it is. Reference: https://www.lua.org/pil/22.1.html get_local_time = get_local_time or function() return os.date("Current time: %X") end print(get_local_time()) I'm not sure what lua version top server files run on but I assume it should work, you've got to replace the print statement though with say SystemNotice(role, get_local_time())
  15. patrick13

    How to make tweaks?

    Hey. As far as I'm concerned you're better off getting them from the server files folder, changing the file directly and then compiling.