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  1. Hi dark of pirates it's a new server updated from dark king tales max points stats: 300 each, bugs from darkkingtales.tk has fixed. Note: this not is a repost from dark king tales it's a new server not i'ts same. site: https://darkofpirates.tk/ discord: https://discord.gg/UQfZPb2 Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/572825546535452/ Maximum level: 120 Maximum Fairy Level: 100 Solo x15 X25 Party Release x15 x1000 Fairy How to level up? You can level the LV10 to Lv90 in Map Leveling (Mirage Shaitan: Bags have lv1,2,3. 90, Thundoria Mirage, Winterland or buy Lv6 bags. How to get money? Now it's just killing mobs, there's NPC to teleport to mobs that give 500k, 750k or 1M Strong mobs. Equipment and NPCs Each unique Gems NPC without Lustrious and Shadow Kylin Kylin Set 300 cards, you may not be in Thundoria mode or Winterland. All unsealed Lv45 to LV75 in NPC Unseller Lv85 Weapons and Kylin Upgrade Kit Switch for Crystal Blue Define Lv95 Bosses fall into Abaddon 10-17 Lv95 Weapons parity for Red Crystal Kylin Corp for cash to upgrade Kylin Set Up You can upgrade to Black Corp Kylin Kylin green crystals And you black Kylin gold crystals There Lv110 Lv120 Weapons and Refreshers Lv95 Weapons Can you change the reputation of all Gems, Ref Gemstones and Crystals? NPC Back Animals - Get Pet Cards at Naval Base Island or Armony and switch to rear animals Ring Lv85 - You Can Give Kals Kal NPC - Change Kals to All Gems Key Maps [5] maps Argent City, Shaitan City, Icicle Castle, Dream City and pink dress. Maps of PVP [10] maps Gems Advence Scroll, BD and Ring Gems Gems - Circle of Death. Caos Argent - Gems advence Descida, Gems and BD Azrael Gems Guild Domination 1.2 - Ref Scroll Gems and each mob gives 1000 Reputation Capture the Flag - if you finished the map, first, second or third to give it the red crystals Island of the Arena - Advance Scroll BD Gems and Gemstones Planet Inferno - There are many special vagabonds as well as Lv120 can enter and Mobs crystals drop green and gold crystals. Alliance Domination - There is a tower on this map as the needs of the master guild of this tower when it is on the map Alliance that has to do The Tower Won all members of the Alliance Crystals won random. (This map is the Inferno Chapter: D) on the homepage of the site will require Grêmio dominated. Abbadon 18/05 and Ethernal - Every 100k photos card Reputation Boss, Spare Set Lv95 or less exp for leveling. Black Marsh - Get Lum Pedrarrung and switch to all Gems. Only LV55 - Lv45 Abandoned City - Get Nal Pedrarrung and switch to all Gems. Only LV55 - Lv45 System killstreak This game in Circle of Death, Chaos Argent and Arena Island, you can kill 3 players, 5 players, 10 players or 20 players without dying, you will have to change the killstreak item to all gems and gemstones. This item is in Rebirth Quest as well. daily search Mission Lonetower - can be every 10 hours, if you finish, you have 15x crystals Helm dungeon to be released soon Note: Best Server Weapon - Lv120 Weapons Best Neck - Neck Lv90 Best Ring - Ring Lv95