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  1. hello everyone im trying to create new mobs but i cant do it if i dont create animation for every model is there anyway to export the .lab files to edit them or create new one ? i heared there's some script for 3d max that will let me import .lab files in 3d max if there's anyone have this script and would like to sell it please contact me
  2. MiniMan

    .Obj to .Lgo help

    @V3ct0r hello thanks for your reply but i think there's something wrong i can convert from lgo to obj and working perfect but from obj to lgo not working and if u try to load it with the pko modelviewer u will see nothing i hope u can fix it i really need this so badly
  3. MiniMan

    New Monsters

    Hello guys i need some help with adding new mobs for my server actually i added few new mobs some of them works perfect but im getting some of them as invisible i cant see them but i can summon and i can see they attack i checked the textures models animations everything seems to be fine i dont know if the problem is in the charinfo line or characteraction line ***Im trying to add those mobs from the Demon Chinese game*** if anyone can help me i really appreciate it thanks
  4. MiniMan

    .Obj to .Lgo help

    is there anyway to convert .Obj to .Lgo ?
  5. MiniMan

    Looking for a partner/developer

    still looking ?
  6. MiniMan

    Mentor Discipe

    i have problem in my server with mentor and disciple system its crash the character and make it unuseable again if anyone knows how to fix or disable the disciple and mentor system please conatct me here or on discord [Mr]Strange#9579
  7. Im looking for someone who could design logo and background for my server Contact me here or on discord [Mr]Strange#9579
  8. I need someone who could help me setup website and autopatcher Add me on discord [Mr]Strange#9579
  9. MiniMan

    Balanced Pk Map

    @Satan thanks alot bro
  10. MiniMan

    Balanced Pk Map

    @1g0rS1lv4 Thanks
  11. MiniMan

    Balanced Pk Map

    Looking for someone who could help me to make balanced pk map that's mean all the players will have same stats inside this map doesn't matter if he's gemmed or clean everyone will be with same stats if someone can help me to do it pm me here or discord : MiniMan#9579 I can pay for the service thanks .