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  1. Hey baby boi <3

    1. Jap


      sup boo

    2. Spidpex


      Chillin! scoping trough the threads!

  2. Tales of pirates battle royale

    Copyrighting the idea as we speak! Boi's i invited it!
  3. help on making fusable item

    Aint it possible to modify this, so that all items between 1-700 can be fused?
  4. Purejuice server owner?

    Has anyone seen this guy? I belive he's Norwegian? does he have an account here on PKO dev/a facebook? Anyone knows him? Please let me know
  5. Services Tales of Pirates Services

    Ahh man, u should start doing it again I would need ur help
  6. Client files for 1.38?

    Thanks alot for the replies guys!!!
  7. Client files for 1.38?

    Hey guys! I haven't been able to find any propper 1.38 client, could anyone share a download link for one? Kind regards <3
  8. I have a server running locally and on hamachi from base 1.36, but i have some issues with some of the tools, including the map editor7creator, and a building in agrent that is mysertiously gone ;S So i'm just curious if there's any nice sould that would liket o voltuneer as my mentor and help me finish and make a server7guide me how to make a website server up running so i can enjoy my nostalgia again!! Kind regardes, Spidpex ^-^
  9. ooohh!!! you're a life saver man!! thankies :3
  10. Do anyone havve some old archive release from serverdev, that got abandoned when the forum shut down? Kind regards
  11. New domain

    This domain is much better ^^