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    ***Release PKO 1.38 (Addons)***

    link is dead
  2. LuciferMorningStar

    Exchanger NPC when Hover on item

    nothing yet
  3. LuciferMorningStar


    Can u help me with mall shop How it works how to add items there is there any tutorial anything usefull ty
  4. LuciferMorningStar


    Is there any one here could released the swing script and ty all
  5. LuciferMorningStar

    TOP - Battle Royale

  6. LuciferMorningStar


    i made it but still need hex game.exe
  7. LuciferMorningStar


    Lol i don't hv money
  8. LuciferMorningStar


    all links r dead
  9. LuciferMorningStar


    so no one will share them for free?
  10. LuciferMorningStar

    How to make lv pet

    how about the max pet lv
  11. LuciferMorningStar

    Help HEX Game.exe

    Sup guys is there any one could help us with that
  12. LuciferMorningStar

    TOP II Skin for TOP I

    link is dead
  13. can't find 84 C0 EB 17 8B C6 8D 50 01 EB 03 8D 49 00
  14. LuciferMorningStar

    GOAT's Shop

    which game client version u using here
  15. LuciferMorningStar

    Admiral Cloak Glow Effect

    would u share that script?
  16. LuciferMorningStar

    Need help!

    Any one here have the 4th rb npc script work with 4th rb stone
  17. LuciferMorningStar

    Need HElp!

    Why i Always get that error i've added a item and i get this
  18. LuciferMorningStar

    Need HElp!

    And i also try add "Tab" and "0" at the end of the line.
  19. LuciferMorningStar

    Need HElp!

    i've moved it till 7314
  20. LuciferMorningStar

    Need HElp!

    i'm using v2.5 gameserver
  21. LuciferMorningStar

    Need HElp!

    What about iteminfo
  22. not work friend skilleff iteminfo too
  23. LuciferMorningStar

    Need HElp!

    I guess that i need to use hex to change limit would anyone help me with that
  24. help me with this plz