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    The source code is available!

    That's actually what happened.
  3. Riddler01

    The source code is available!

    @V3ct0r I got you, truth hurts sometimes.
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    The source code is available!

    "The real reason is that I don't see any real interest from other users." - In matter of fact, There're people waiting for years now lol, Some of them just replied and some of them just watch in peace, waiting for the promised guides. "they want someone to do it for them" - Who gave you the rights to think that everyone needs someone to do the thing for him? Who gave you the right to think that none actually needs the guides? Is it what do you tell yourself to feel satisfied after you promised people with guides that you can't make because of what? because you're gaining money outta it? lol. "Money is not the reason." - Actually money is the main topic here lol, everyone can tell that. "but I can do them without any sources. Source codes just save my time." - You wish, you better have did that in real old days, best you could do is patching some little stuff with hex. Now of course you can do them without the source by just comparing the files, and do it in several ways. "What are you worse than me? If you want, you can be better than me in this area, but you are justified by money." - Am I look interested to be better than you? Am I called @V3ct0rand promising people with what I can't provide? Am I look like a "Money Licker"? Indeed not. I'm just here to tell facts that most people here wanted to tell, but they probably weren't straight enough like me to tell it. I'm not talking as "most of people here" just to not think that I really know everyone here opinion but I'm talking as "one of these people". And I hope that you understand my point, Because I already understood yours, and I believe the same "most of people" do now.
  5. Riddler01

    The source code is available!

    Hello @V3ct0r ! I didn't promise anyone with anything, You promised with guides, But aw you can't just provide guides and started saying excuses "I decided not to make guides due to low interest from users" - You made me laugh I gotta tell kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk . The real reason that you ain't providing such help or guides to people because you're making money outta this stuff, The slang meaning of this is "Money Licker", Awooh for a second forgot that you promised people to make guides for them , And c'mon you're the only smart person right in this forums, You better make the guides your own, How the heck a smart person like you expect an ignorant person like me to be on the level of the almighty @V3ct0rand make a guide when he's there for us! , if you're done with selling for sure .
  6. Riddler01

    The source code is available!

    You wish lol. They didn't make enough money yet.
  7. Riddler01

    The source code is available!

    Because your client is 1.3 and the client files they released to us and they calling it "1.3" isn't "1.3" they just kept the 1.3 files for themselves so they can make money. To make it work, remove the missed GUI of (v2.0) on the client files which they call "1.3" and it should work.
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    Boss Respawn NPC