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  1. I hired you to fix clinet for use. Other languages?

    1. GOAT


      I don’t translate. 

  2. I can not kick people out, can you fix me?

  3. flamyman1412

    Help me version client

    I have a game.exe 1.33 I need to upgrade to 1.35 or 1.38 I can do it.
  4. Where can I find the server file 1.33?
  5. flamyman1412

    Help Me

    I try to test it.
  6. flamyman1412

    Help Me

    I tried changing but it still does not work
  7. Я не могу изгнать людей из партийной команды.
  8. I can not kick people out of the team. After solving the UI can not kick people.
  9. flamyman1412

    How do I add HD to my character?

    Is the system already valid? Can you change the color of it?
  10. I understand the rename of the file. But I can teach you how to change the picture of the effect.




  11. flamyman1412

    How do I add HD to my character?

    How do I add HD to my character? I put the number 1 or 99 into GM already.
  12. Can someone release me a editing tool for change client name and compile .txt to .bin file? I tried those ones in Lucky's Archives but did not work. Something is up with my game.exe which doesnt let me make modification on it. I think my server is 2.4 or something because i couldn't make modification directly to the game WITHOUT SOME SPECIAL TOOL(those ones released in Lucky's Archives is not working/compatiable) which i don't think it's released or might've but i do not know where to find it. Someone would be kind enough to link to me those would be much appreciated.. I'm new to deeloping my own server so i'll need help.
  13. I would like to buy Medals with titles.

  14. flamyman1412

    Can I create these new files?

    Can I create these new files? An example of this series, but with two colors.