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  1. snowolf

    Database Error

    problem has been resolved, thanks to @Snre3n ^^.
  2. snowolf

    Database Error

    Well atleast its not hanging anymore
  3. snowolf

    Database Error

    Don't think someone can spell "sa" wrong then again, silly things happen. And yes my password is encrypted. Ima try with different files now and hope it works
  4. snowolf

    Database Error

    Ty ^^ it helped, but now I'm back to this problem When shall the errors end >.<
  5. snowolf

    Database Error

    no symbols for the dll found Really confused about this error
  6. snowolf

    Database Error

    I have a database problem. I followed to steps from the link below. Whenever I run account server OR group server, it gets a bug and stops to work. Then I look at the bug using Management studio 2014. Then it says theres a violation that allows me not to wright So I say break and then that's what happens (screenshot 3). Says No source available. I tried 2 different database files that I have. One I got from that guide ( SQL 2014 Express setup ) Other one I got from PKO 138 files. If anyone has an idea what this error is please help :3