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  1. Tassadar

    website/client issue

    im trying to host a registration website from localhost and no one is able to visit the site. port 80 is forwarded, xamp is setup and running. I can access it by typing in my local host or the web url but when others try they cant. and does anyone have a complete guide for setting up an auto-patching client? only see guides on how to use the ToP2 client as an auto patcher. tried to follow the guides that are on the site but they are either incomplete, missing links, hard to follow, or are in a foreign language. I just need to know what the patch folder(s) consist of, where to put it (tried in htdocs) and the correct link in the inc.config files? please pm me here or on discord Tassadar#0399
  2. ive got the files, I can host, I have a web. looking for a partner / developer to help develop my server. I am NOT looking for someone to spoon-feed me code, but someone who does know what they are doing. I need someone that is fluent in English. You will receive 50% of any/all donations minus server upkeep costs (vps, advertising ect). Must know more about coding than simply "I can make items". Please leave a reply or send me a pm if interested.
  3. do you happen to still have a decompiler that works for stringset.bin? the link in an old post of yours expired. and the decompiler / compiler I have wont convert it 

  4. having a difficult time trying to compile iteminfo.txt, when I run a compiler with the code start system\Game.exe startgame table_bin I get this error
  5. Tassadar

    client cant connect to server (VPS)

    sorry i dont mean to get snippy, had a really bad day. the vps is a windows 2012 r2 server
  6. Tassadar

    client cant connect to server (VPS)

    i contacted the vps customer support, they claim all the ports are open by default. Canyouseeme.org AND PortChecker.com both say port 1973 is closed.
  7. Tassadar

    client cant connect to server (VPS)

    yes...i already said several times, ive done that.
  8. Tassadar

    client cant connect to server (VPS)

    1:yes 2: made exceptions for all 4 ports inbound and out-bound, tried it with firewall disabled 3:they are 1973 4: its set to 1973 5: its set to my vps ip. 6: its available. 7: ther are a few posts on the forums with others having the same problem, 2 were fixed, but their fix did not fix my issue. 8: tried opening the ports with exceptions in firewall, using netsh and using powershell. no errors from any of the 3 but port is still closed 9. there are no other programs on the vps using those ports. 10. vps company claims that all the ports are opened by default. but the 4 i need arent.
  9. Tassadar

    client cant connect to server (VPS)

    can someone help me? im using up vps days trying to fix this..
  10. Tassadar

    Connection Failed

    im having this same problem, i made exceptions for the ports i need in both inbound and outbound, ive also completely disabled firewall, and both times i cannot connect to the vps with my client. i have been useing the port checker from https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ but its saying the port is closed. it says its closed while i have both inbound and outbound exceptions for 1973. it says its closed when firewall is completely disabled