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  1. Try run it as Administrator
  2. Unknown


    I edited every singe file inside of forms folder. It took me about 2 days Preview:
  3. Still same error. only GameServer does not work
  4. After this one i logged in with windows authentification and created GameDB. Still gives same error
  5. It has all roles marked, but on GameDB properties -> Owner: DESKTOP-AJRG37L\Admin
  6. Security > Logins > top > Properties > User Mapping ?
  7. I did everything just like in your video. Only GameServer doesnt start properly
  8. I did, i reinstalled OS, installed new SQLEXPRESS, typed WIN-7Q8OFUTQVMI\SQLEXPRESS with correct user and pass. Only GameServer doesnt work
  9. Update: Installed Win7 64bit SP1 [DB] db_ip = WIN-7Q8OFUTQVMI\SQLEXPRESS db_usr = top db_pass = EZCpyYOZVofugqDFBZrLKw== It still gives same error.
  10. AccountServer,GateServer,GroupSever works with no errors with computer name, except GameServer. Adding SQLEXPRESS doesn't helps, after that none of them doesn't start properly. Any ideas?
  11. Unknown

    Finding texture file of specific monster

    Thank you!! :)
  12. Hi, could anyone explain me how to find exact texture of any monster? Something like: 888 Defoliate Pine Tree 4 6 139 0 1.......