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  1. scapegoat

    GameServer error

    thank you all
  2. scapegoat

    GameServer error

    my GameServer is giving the following error
  3. scapegoat

    Sceneffectinfo compile error

  4. scapegoat

    Sceneffectinfo compile error

    I added a wing in iteminfo.txt and sceneffectinfo.txt and when I was compiling iteminfo.txt it compiles but sceneffectinfo gives the following error. my sceneffectinfo.txt https://mega.nz/#!VjgAzKKC!ADJ6fbzXrsslzvOblKem8vrOx2F0F2BghORCK6TPsjY the wing that was added https://mega.nz/#!IvxSQaoQ!ZbbNJhvClmmn4HShLe-ZAH-YNyEEqsOgKj_iAhQF3-o