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  1. DreamSea Online NEW SERVER!

    when me start in argent or other map??
  2. tales of pirats new server!!!

    new server !!!!! meduim server come come Website: guide: Discord: Join Discord for news! Exp: 6x Exp every weeked: 12x Party exp: 5x Drop : Custom Pet growth: 20x Ship: 4x *Offline Stall *Pucca *Free Lunch *Hexatlon *Mobs Challenger give Crystal(IGSP) Imps *Dream Island Full *Winter Island Full *Chaos Argent, AI, CTP,TM,DW,DS +++ *Unseal 45,50,55,65,70 NPC *Unseal 75,95 and Stone 70 Boss Drop we wwait you!! Enjoy ... ur brother:DrDrug