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  1. emofc

    Kill mobs and earn IGS

    hello everyone.I want to know how I can make monsters give me IGS random lik 1-5 Igs per mobs ! Аlso i wish it was just certain monsters, thanks in advance for your help. Have a nice day!
  2. emofc

    Aegeus Pirates Online

  3. emofc

    Aegeus Pirates Online

    Server is perfect and stable now ! Join us with friends!
  4. Hello guys i got files but i just need someone who can do everything about top ! please pm me for more info
  5. hello guys i have some problem when i relog my charecter and try again to login and I get the error "username unvalide"
  6. Hello i got good files ! I need a guy who can do everything related to TOP ! Also split the amount for the host in half ,let serious people write to me ! Еach won pair is divided in half !!!!!
  7. emofc

    Searching WebSite !!

    Helloo! I'm searching website pm me on ls for offers !!! Thenks.
  8. emofc


    Hello guys ! I have the following problem . I installed everything properly SQL SERVER CONFIGURATED FILES ! server worked in my pc . but when my friend tries to log into his computer's (CONNECTION failed ). to his client we have put the IP given by the VPN. TY FOR HELP!
  9. hello still i'm editing 1.36 clean files i need a partner for a help !
  10. Hello guys i got a I have the following problem . When i add item in award center items cant be reached ! but when the same items is in item mall all is ok .
  11. can you tell me if there are files for linux?
  12. I, m searching team to make Good server pm me for more info.
  13. Hello guys i search a team to make good server on tales of pirates l or ll ! pm me at ls for more information.
  14. emofc

    Vote system problem>>?

    what do you mean?
  15. emofc

    Vote system problem>>?

    please if someone know how to fix this sh1ts please help me !