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  1. Color Of Names and titles

    Regarding the name colors, does any one know the ''code'' in the GameServer to look for in a HEX editor? I've been trying to search but got no luck. Thank you all
  2. [ChatHandler] GameServer

    @V3ct0r Thank you for the reply! I did as @J0k3r said and searched for 0x00098523 in and i changed the limit.
  3. [ChatHandler] GameServer

    Thank you!
  4. [ChatHandler] GameServer

    Thank you for the reply! If its not too much i would like to know how i do that? I know its probably through HEX, but im new so i dont know where i should look. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hello I just have one question which i hope someone can help me with. When i launch the ChatHandler i receive this message: index [6000] overflow, please check resource file [resource/ItemInfo.txt] I guess there is a problem with the ID:s i have, because i have more than 6000. But is there any way to fix this? Thanks
  6. Color Of Names and titles

  7. Zodiac Map

  8. Zodiac Map

    Does anyone knows the size of zodiac map ?
  9. Color Of Names and titles

    Is there any tool for the Game.exe ?
  10. [PHP] Converter .LGO <-> .OBJ

    Thanks it worked!
  11. [PHP] Converter .LGO <-> .OBJ

    When i enter the password and username i get this message '' Error 500 '' and nothing happens but when i enter the localhost/lgo everything is working perfectly. Does anyone know what the issue could be?