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  1. johan

    [PHP] Converter .LGO <-> .OBJ

    hello friends I have some 3d models Max (obj) that I would like to export to LGO and LMO but I still do not give a script that allows it. I have read a lot and searched without any success. The closest thing was the @wolfenx tool but it only helped me to import If you can give me information about a tool that allows it, I would appreciate it
  2. johan

    [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    @Andy Hey man, thank you, really, thank you
  3. johan

    [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    I have tradedb and in the AccountInfo table this Money = Crystal But I do not have a table for Points = ??
  4. johan

    [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    Hello how are you. What is the database and the table that contains the points that are seen in the game store?
  5. johan

    Change Safety Password in In-Game Shop

    How to use it "trade tools" Do you have one guide of use? help me please, I already read many guides and have no information
  6. johan

    How to add items to the IGS

    I have tradetool, but I did not handle it Do you know how to handle it?
  7. Hi, can you help me with a guide explaining how to add items to the item mall
  8. johan

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

    Hello, I'm new and I do not know how to add database *. Sql. My other databases are * .MDF and I add them by "Attach"
  9. johan

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

    The database there is can not be added as the server's GameDB, and AccountServer