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  1. johan


    @mkhzaleh thank
  2. johan


    @mkhzaleh Hi the link does not work. Could you upload the files again?
  3. He wanted to know how from my GM account I can assign an item to a player. he checked the database and only managed to get the bank ID or the temporary inventory. If there is a code, or program, that allows me to assign items to a player, it will be helpful. thank you
  4. johan

    Model viewer (.lmo, .lgo, .lab)

    @d3ux Thank you very much for your response, he tried this but it has not made any difference
  5. johan

    Model viewer (.lmo, .lgo, .lab)

    HI @V3ct0r Could you help me, I have imported some models (buildings) to the game which I can see with pko model, but by adding them to the game I can not see them, I already added the .lmo, the .dds and modified a line in sceneobjinfo and even so i can't see it. NOTE: I don't know very well the structure of sceneobjinfo add the sample line of another and add the name of my lmo file. Thank you very much if you can help me with this question.
  6. johan

    Obj Model Shrinking

    hi @Fisal Moha a long time ago, I did something similar with this tool that worked very well, this is a video tutorial on how to adjust the textures, I hope I can help you.
  7. Hi mienbros de pko, the reason for this announcement is to give a negative reference to @quad, which committed to our team to create a web page which was paid in full, as well as an API service and At the moment of answering I leave a non-functional page, and we never made the API requested. Finally I end up blocking ourselves to not answer. Our team has been able to search by other means for someone to finish what this member of the group started. We hope that this type of things will never happen to other work teams since the idea of this medium is to create a play space for many people. Thank you very much for your attention. This is your paypal account so that you have caution when making your payments and work with this person @quad
  8. johan

    [PHP] Converter .LGO <-> .OBJ

    hello friends I have some 3d models Max (obj) that I would like to export to LGO and LMO but I still do not give a script that allows it. I have read a lot and searched without any success. The closest thing was the @wolfenx tool but it only helped me to import If you can give me information about a tool that allows it, I would appreciate it
  9. johan

    [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    @Andy Hey man, thank you, really, thank you
  10. johan

    [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    I have tradedb and in the AccountInfo table this Money = Crystal But I do not have a table for Points = ??
  11. johan

    [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    Hello how are you. What is the database and the table that contains the points that are seen in the game store?
  12. johan

    Change Safety Password in In-Game Shop

    How to use it "trade tools" Do you have one guide of use? help me please, I already read many guides and have no information
  13. johan

    How to add items to the IGS

    I have tradetool, but I did not handle it Do you know how to handle it?