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  1. MouradMS

    Lua Function - Sceneeffectinfo

    Try the following and see if it fits your needs: PlayEffect(role, effectID)
  2. MouradMS

    stall gold limit

    Well IMHO, this is a symptom of a really bad game design as gold is supposed to be scarce, you should find some other way to show off your server than insane amounts of gold! cause likewise it loses its value. To answer your question, the solution would be to either change the gold data type, whether from within the source code or hack the executables, to hold higher values, or to transform the difference into some item with equal value such as million/billion dollar notes.
  3. MouradMS

    Programming Task

    As a fellow university student, this is how I would answer this question. With no further information about run_dlx(), this is my conclusion: - run_dlx() is dependent on the variable K, which is probably global. - run_dlx() doesn't scale well with the variable K, and thus runs on an inefficient algorithm. - Plotting the given time costs against the values of K will easily reveal its exponential complexity and should allow you whether algebraically/geometrically to find a relation to approximate these values. Also a side-note is that in Donald Knuth's Bibles, DLX refers to his implementation of Algorthim X using the Dancing Links Approach with a complexity of O(N^N^2), so that's something for yall to taste!