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  1. okore

    skill book editing

    I was editing some class skills recently and i wonder how to add a certain skill to a skill book in order to make it learnable? like lets say for example i wanted to add black dragon fireball to a skillbook, i would need to create a new skill book on item info and?, in addition how do i edit a certain skill level max? like making its level max 1?
  2. thanks mate, already managed to fix it!
  3. hey i'm actually late but have you managed to make the shield glow effect work? could u share it if u did so?
  4. This is probably a super noob question but i wanted to know how do i make an item capable of being an apparel. like i added a new set and it says "you did not insert apparel" when attempting to fuse it, in addition i wanted to know if is it possible to do the same thing but to non-app itens (like making a Drakan sword or Death armor apparel).