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  1. gabrielrazzin

    Bank stored itens

    Hello, i'm looking where can i find which items are stored in each player's bank, i noticed that each player have your bank id in database, but didn't find where items that are in bank are stored! Someone can help me?
  2. gabrielrazzin

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

    guys how can i add items to this item mall ?
  3. gabrielrazzin

    Client Crashes everytime i rellog

    Thanks a lot bro ! it works !
  4. gabrielrazzin

    Client Crashes everytime i rellog

    Everytime i switch characters my client crashes, i'm using Luckys Client, like he provided on his folder https://mega.nz/#F!llsFUZwC!QBocgSyXn_5Tgaz2RModBA!d4dQxJLB
  5. gabrielrazzin

    Setup No IP configuration

    i have this doubt too, my server is running local, when i try to do it with NO-IP it doesnt work, with hamachi is fine, but who use hamachi in our days ? haha help pls