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  1. VoodooPuppet

    Updater top1 & music crash

    You could only change the format of the song to OGG instead of MP3. You can download the program that performs this formatting process through the official website: http://pcfreetime.com/formatfactory/index.php?language=en *Don't forget to change in musicinfo.txt and compile later to musicinfo.bin Discord: zDarthzPuppet#0144
  2. image.png.c12bc2309298ff15bf6020321aa0ef3f.png

    I use the client you share, but the connection has this problem.


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    2. VoodooPuppet


      it's not with the client but your serverfile or your database

    3. Satan
    4. xiaoyuyu321


      Thank you. I downloaded it and tried it, but there were still “illegal births”.

      I don't know the exact reason. I think it has something to do with ‘gamesever’ and 'gateserver'.

  3. VoodooPuppet

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    As I said above, I will make available the Client link that I believe to be as recent as possible. If I'm wrong, @KONGplease correct me. : https://mega.nz/#!2H4wFQjZ!NOyJty7OCJzIPOUqXO5m13tQmzFs9ie8vrraoJhJZVA
  4. VoodooPuppet

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    @KONG It really is a wonderful contribution If I am allowed to release the latest Client I own from CO would be some help for those who do not.
  5. VoodooPuppet

    Guild Leveling - Addon

    @Satan Nice work, my brother!
  6. VoodooPuppet

    The source code is available!

    I said this, for the simple fact that the @V3ct0r said that in future I would have guides about...
  7. VoodooPuppet

    The source code is available!

    And when? I wait anxiously.
  8. I really hope this project comes out of it. I really want it working, I'm in love with PKO / TOP and I'm hoping this game will never die. I'm trying to understand more about the programming languages used in the source code. Good luck. @Silfro