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  1. i look someone make tales of pirates android version . http://pkom.xyz/
  2. wh35199

    Sandy Beach Dungeon - Map

    this top II or top 1?
  3. wh35199

    how change name database

    how do I change the name on the database. I use SQL 2000 example: GameDB, I want to change it to PlayerDB
  4. wh35199

    how change name database

    Thanks you @V3ct0r please check skype, i need pay service
  5. wh35199

    how change name database

    Thanks You ^^
  6. wh35199

    How to Change Birthplace

    Birthplace I want to ask, how do you change Birthplace from Argent City to another Map
  7. wh35199

    How to Change Birthplace

    Thanks you deguix :)
  8. hi victor you have discor? please check skype

  9. wh35199

    capture the flag

    buy from v3ctor he sell this map
  10. wh35199

    PKO 1.38 Files Add Ons

    cant you share top 2 skin?
  11. wh35199


    no one has it
  12. wh35199


    link broken lol
  13. wh35199


  14. wh35199

    PKO 1.38 Files Add Ons

    where download this fileserver?
  15. wh35199

    The server is busy

    lucky have sql 2012/2014 here https://mega.nz/#!7BxyhKgD!rWq7prK7GC_Eesz9CWHNjvcq5_S0bE5um2lr9h9Rmyc
  16. wh35199

    ovh host

    youu nedd buy vps cloud https://www.ovh.com/asia/vps/vps-cloud.xml and choice os window
  17. wh35199

    Please help me Fix the Marriage System

    haha fixed jar
  18. hi victor you online, please check skype

  19. wh35199

    Base Files (update 04.15.16)

    where server files link? only script file?
  20. wh35199

    Base Files (update 04.15.16)

    now 2018 @KONG where are you ?
  21. wh35199

    help Characterinfo.txt

    hello, how to change Character face picture Number 1 to picture Number 2
  22. I want to ask, Who sell Server Protection & Anti-DDos. Who is most recommended is good.