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  1. iZae

    Imp Item (Card)

    You used ImpsPointCard as itemeffect function name right? in your script I see "function ItemUse_Points ( role , Item )" in mkhzaleh I see "ImpsPointCard = function(Player, Item)" Also you have to set this constants (in case you didn't do it before) SQL.GameDB.Name, SQL.GameDB.Host, SQL.GameDB.User, SQL.GameDB.Password
  2. iZae

    Change the details of the item.

    Iteminfo.txt Open it with a csv editor such as csved and you'll see that each column defines different things such as model/attrs/price/tradeable/itemtype etc Read as many guides as you can from Guide section, then use search buttom, then post your question if it wasn't solved before.
  3. iZae

    How to change name?

  4. iZae

    Find a language change teacher.

    As far as I know, to translate the game itself to another language you'll need to manually translate every Client File (of the GUI), hex the game.exe, and also translate every single script (Server Side) with a Notice, Text, Talk, MissionTalk, BickerNotice, SystemNotice and so on. Well, I say manually but maybe someone have a better idea :P It would be an endless and pointless job. Several years ago there was a group of serverdev with geminidev who tried to full translate newer files from CH to ENG and after some months of many people working, they just stopped trying. Also, ToP is dying, it's a really old game, with not a huge active players. I'll say it's not worth the effort.
  5. iZae

    conch ray stun

    Ain't no way that it causes infinte stun: math.min returns the minimum between 1 and the result of "math.floor(sklv/4)" and math.floor returns an integer not greater than the result of (sklv/4) so in case the sklv is 10 (max) the whole line would b e statetime = math.min(1,math.floor(10/4)) = math.min(1,math.floor(2.5)) = math.min(1,2) = 1
  6. iZae

    NPC Scripter

    Hint: Use LuaSql otherwise you won't be able to set them on account database :)
  7. iZae

    conch ray stun

    You really need to learn a lil bit of Lua. local rate = math.random(1,200) if rate >= Con(DEFER) then local statetime = sklv/4 local statelv = sklv AddState ( ATKER , DEFER , STATE_XY , statelv , statetime ) end that means that every time the skill is called inside CA, it will set a random number between 1 and 200, and if that number is greater than the amount of Constitution of the defer (it means, the one who will receive the stun) then stun. For example I attack you with a conch ray, the system sets the random number of 15 wich is lower than your Constitution, then no stun is applied. If you're asking a random time for the stun you can just do something like: local statetime = math.random(1,4) -- which means that it will randomnly stun for 1 till 4 seconds.
  8. iZae

    conch ray stun

    No, it means that it stuns 1/4 of the skill level. For example: if you have it maxed (lvl 10) it'll stun 2.5secs. if you want to set it to a specific ammount of time just do local statetime = 2 or so
  9. iZae

    Rep by Mob

    Inside GetExp_PKM function (exp_and_level.lua) you could add somewhere: local atk_fame = GetChaAttr(atk, ATTR_FAME) local dead_id = GetChaID(dead) local rep_by_mob{} rep_by_mob[103]= 1000; if mob[dead_id] ~= nil then atk_fame = atk_fame + rep_by_mob[dead_id] SetCharaAttr(atk_fame, atk, ATTR_FAME) end in that example the mob id 103 will give the killer 1000 rep. if you want to add more mobs with their specific ammount of reputation you can just add more rep_by_mob[103]= 1000; where 103 is the character id and 1000 is the reputation. I hope it's clear.
  10. iZae


    replace 2310 line to: if Hp(role)<=0 or Hp(role)==nil then
  11. iZae

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

  12. iZae

    Soy Flojo Pero no lo sere/I'm lazy But I will not know

    1) Bienvenido! 2) No postees mucho en español porque la mayoria hablan ingles o ruso 3) Fijate donde posteas, no es necesario postear 2 veces lo mismo, y esto no es Ni una Guia, ni un Server File (secciones en las que hiciste el post), lo correcto seria que postees en Questions & Answers. 4) Navega en la seccion Guides (Guias) y vas a encontrar muchas guias por donde empezar. 5) Antes de hacer cualquier pregunta, te recomiendo que uses el boton Search, ya que es probable que tu duda ya se haya resuelto en otro post. 6) Consejo personal: no copies y pegues, busca entender que es lo que haces cuando haces un script, o lo que sea. Y familiarizate lo mas que puedas con el ingles. Aqui te paso una especie de indice de guias para principiantes.
  13. Nice Job: Btw (Off topic): Who is calling his server SCROTOS, when this in spanish and portuguese means scrotum lol.
  14. iZae

    Problem with daily prize

    You sure you did everything you need to? Dofile the extension Add SDK Change IDs of Prizes?