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  1. iZae

    Noob scripting *HELP*

    Hello buddy! First, be sure to post in correct sections, this is not a Guide. Here's an example of Revival Skill Script: Skillinfo.txt (don't have the headings for each column, but in this case the "Skill_Fh_Begin" is the important info) 0124 Revival 1 5,10;13,10;14,10 1,-1 1,-1 1,-1 -1 2 1 1 -1 98,4 1 1 1 800 6 1 0 0 0 0 0 SkillSp_Fh 0 0 0 Skill_Fh_Begin Skill_Fh_End 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 SkillCooldown_Fh 1 1 12 0 116 -1 113 0 -1 0,0 0,0 -1 -1 -1 0 0 -1 -1 148 0 0 0 s0124.tga 0 0 Revive dead character Brings dead target back to life. Requires Revival Clover. Each skill level reduce skill cooldown by 1.5 sec Fix consumption of 50 SP 0 And in skilleffect.lua (resources/scripts/calculate) you have this function: function Skill_Fh_Begin ( role , sklv ) local map_name_ATKER = GetChaMapName ( role ) if map_name_ATKER == "garner2" then SystemNotice ( role , "Unable to use Revival skills here." ) SkillUnable(role) end local item_count = CheckBagItem ( role , ITEM_RELIFE ) if item_count <= 0 then SkillUnable(role) SystemNotice ( role , "Does not possess required item to use skill" ) end local a = DelBagItem ( role , ITEM_RELIFE , 1 ) end That's the default way to avoid using "Revival" skill in Chaos Argent.
  2. iZae

    Is ToP/PKO still worth trying?

    IMO NO. CONS: There are more servers than players. Game is old. Chances of success through time are really low. PRO: Available source code, extensions. You could really make a difference in your server. If you want money, there are other things you could do to get more. If you want learn the basics of gamedev and you have ToP nostalgia, then why not? But still, if you're looking for something to invest your time, I'd suggest you to go learn programming or gamedev with Unity/Unreal.
  3. iZae

    item usage

    Well, since u said Rolls, I tought u mean something like prevent using 2 hp recovery items. Those arent used with states, instead they just add hp to your attrs. If u want to avoid using twice an item that give states, as inuarashi said, take a look at Amplifiers itemeffect script.
  4. iZae

    item usage

    There may be another way to do it, but this one is simple and efficient.
  5. You have 2 things: Server where you have your serverfiles and database, and client where players get to enter and play the game. Your serverfiles have some files such as iteminfo.txt that contains the whole list of items available in your server. But on the client side, you need that same iteminfo but with a different extension. Instead of iteminfo.txt (as you have on your server side), the client needs an iteminfo.bin. So a compiler turns .txt into .bin, and decompiler turns .bin into .txt. (You can't just rename the files, 'cause as the topic says, the files are compiled) :P
  6. iZae

    ¿what you need to know to sart programming?

    Hello There! Just a brief summary: ToP is originally coded in C++ (Source code is available in this forum) and Lua. It uses SQL database. Most PKOsites are coded in PHP. It's really up to you where you'll want to guide your learning path, but as a personal suggestion, start learning LUA (https://www.lua.org/docs.html). Most ingame scripts are coded in LUA (NPCs, Missions, Item Effects, Attributes, Skills, even the AI; and also, most of the releases of this forum are for those kind of scripts). You could also learn a bit about SQL (mainly UPDATE, INSERT and basic Queries) 'cause you can find here an awesome extension called LuaSql, which allows you to play with your database from ingame events. Once you're familiar with it's language, and you feel like you can pretty much do everything you want to in LUA (a good way to prove you're confident enough is to understand advanced pkodev extensions - such as Hooks, Serialize, AntiDupes, AI Behaviours - ), you can dive into C++ learning to making your own extensions, or edits on the source code. This is really advanced shit, it'll take you some time to get familiar with LUA first. Use PkoDev Search Engine, Guides Section, Releases Section, Lua docs, Google and Youtube. You can do it ☺ --Edit: Forgot to say, despite all the information you can get from the internet, the greatest way of learning is by Doing. Install Basic Server Files, Get to make it run just for you or few friends, and start doing! Start by making an Npc, then a mission, then an usable item, and so on. From basic to advanced, just the same as learning anything else.
  7. iZae

    TOP - Battle Royale

    You really think is a good idea to implement a BR on a game that is almost dead? Imagine the player base you need to be opening map copies each minutes as fornite or apex do. A simpler and more efficient way is to make a maze for ur server, so once every X hours you open that maze. Just another Chaos Argent, but where you enter naked and loot on chests.
  8. iZae

    How to make lv pet

    Hint: if elfLV >=40 then
  9. Amazing! I just like the idea of giving suggestions instead of making it for other people. Thanks for your effort
  10. That function doesn't add bonus ap per reset and doesn't take in consideration if the character has rebirth skills (just reset all skills). My suggestions: Save somewhere how many resets the char has done (luasql, unused attrs, serialize) Reset to lv 1 and give the starting 4 attribute points + bonus per reset Set a condition to check if the player has nothing equipped before the reset (otherwise imagine a lv 1 newbie with forged death set) Check if the player has Rebirthed before the reset, and add a "rebirth skill book" that checks the class once is lv 41+ and adds the correct rebirth skill and rebirth lvl.
  11. iZae

    Imp Item (Card)

    You used ImpsPointCard as itemeffect function name right? in your script I see "function ItemUse_Points ( role , Item )" in mkhzaleh I see "ImpsPointCard = function(Player, Item)" Also you have to set this constants (in case you didn't do it before) SQL.GameDB.Name, SQL.GameDB.Host, SQL.GameDB.User, SQL.GameDB.Password
  12. iZae

    Change the details of the item.

    Iteminfo.txt Open it with a csv editor such as csved and you'll see that each column defines different things such as model/attrs/price/tradeable/itemtype etc Read as many guides as you can from Guide section, then use search buttom, then post your question if it wasn't solved before.
  13. iZae

    How to change name?

  14. iZae

    Find a language change teacher.

    As far as I know, to translate the game itself to another language you'll need to manually translate every Client File (of the GUI), hex the game.exe, and also translate every single script (Server Side) with a Notice, Text, Talk, MissionTalk, BickerNotice, SystemNotice and so on. Well, I say manually but maybe someone have a better idea :P It would be an endless and pointless job. Several years ago there was a group of serverdev with geminidev who tried to full translate newer files from CH to ENG and after some months of many people working, they just stopped trying. Also, ToP is dying, it's a really old game, with not a huge active players. I'll say it's not worth the effort.