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  1. bugerman

    HP Bar

    no but i will try thank you
  2. bugerman

    HP Bar

    does anyone know this hp bar name in the client. Thank you for the answer.
  3. bugerman

    Fast Panel (Skill slot)

    I am following this guide how can i add another 6 clickable slot? to make it like this.
  4. bugerman

    Give Item to Players using SQL Query

    It is possible to use this script to send item to all account?
  5. How to give X item to every players inventory directly? Thank you
  6. What function should i use so that i can delete or remove items from equipment slot. eg: Player died and his sword will be removed/deleted. Thank you
  7. bugerman

    Help in glow

    how can fix this glow? i want to make i flat in the foot. thank you
  8. bugerman

    Creating New Set Glow Effect

    Hello just wanna ask when the ring is equipped in right ring slot the glow will show. How can i make it work in the left side?
  9. bugerman

    about SqlLua

    ok thank you
  10. bugerman

    about SqlLua

    do i need to use a modified gameserver to use LuaSql?