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  1. Airborne

    Configuring Client Files

    Hey, I switched my source files and am now using the guide below. I am not able to launch all the server files, I get an "Unable to connect to DB" error Thanks for the reply!
  2. Airborne

    SQL 2014 Express setup

    Hello Everyone! I am having trouble when I launch GameServer through the Server Launcher interface. I get the following error which can be seen in the picture. Has anyone encountered this problem or know of a solution? Thanks!
  3. Airborne

    Configuring Client Files

    Hello PkoDev Community, I am new here. I am also brand new to creating a private server. I am currently using the server files from this link: https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g!DBMgWDwB I am having trouble launching a client window so that I can log in and view the server as a GM or Player. I am hosting locally just till I know my way around and know what I am doing. Can someone provide a guide on how to setup and launch a client window? Thanks, Airborne P.S. I tried to look for a thread that could help me but I wasn't successful. (This is all really new to me)