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  1. Saeed

    Making a server?

    Keep in mind im doing this for fun, not really looking for money out of the server or anything..
  2. Hello everyone, im looking for someone to join me up to make a good medium server which will be mmolike top server which will include dungeons and bigass raids and will focus on making mazes more important making players actually require fc/ds items to craft end-game equipments plus we will include RNG equipments upgrade to keep players occupied and change the variety of items ingame other than like all gemmed equipments being the same. plus ill need a person who has free time and able to manage thr server while im gone payment will be considered by the mall system and whoever is in the team will get a cut as i dont really need money that much.. if you are interested you may PM me here and tell me what u are able to do.
  3. Saeed

    Let's build something

    I could lend a hand.. if u dunno me, look up my name in the dev forums lmao
  4. Saeed

    Saeed's work

    Hello everyone, Ive been asked several times to release the antidupe to publicity so, there you guys go along with few more scripts. As for questions regarding anything, do not expect a reply since i quit developing a long time ago and i have more important things in life now, anyhow if anyone needs a hand ya'll can contact me through facebook [ saeed.ahmed.165 ] or IG [ saeedae09 ]. Antidupe v1.3 guide included inside https://mega.nz/#!YkYEHBCY!z9SrQUNHZ__q1byK_1swyqWGW-ah9849wTDlHa9I7qg Multi Antidupe "more secure/used by roso" guide not included/for professionals to play with https://mega.nz/#!0oB2EYSR!n2PI1rDTJEGsFrfJkz99E5-f_nY2zUhaZWREfBH-h3k Remote Bomb guide included https://mega.nz/#!woggkZZC!yV0qO-nNOEWnHIaHNdW9U-jYy3HL5T8H8fuby253f-g Party Dungeon slight guide included https://mega.nz/#!thJD1BAa!tfmq1KlTC36AY8G_jyH7HYjQWc3OW0Y4CsVDHtkzYgk Player Ranking read init.lua https://mega.nz/#!txoEBL6L!_a8R2Up4wT1YdD9gcgLC8xV1H4bEkroAt6D2yeZ5vtc Automatic Drop Event requires a small brain to understand https://mega.nz/#!JsgEXbyT!qVc82rhdL5ni7ad_dsmig_iFAG-bzmtzI-Q1se1jLrY Enhancements System "+1 +2 +3... +12 Masterwork" slight guide included https://mega.nz/#!UghwnLII!s09njPdVb_14ugwO3aWsDJSQUxVMNtmtstbL_liTDKc New Generation Pets "monster pet, spawns with custom skills/stats enhancements etc.." not finished, pretty amazing to play around https://mega.nz/#!4lx0HIiC!llsziqUXX4mz7YzMy9U0MlnLRgE-9dQUQqVRjkTztKI
  5. Saeed


    I will be releasing the anti dupe for public
  6. Saeed


  7. Saeed

    Remote Bomb

    Well, this is fun lmao
  8. Saeed

    [QUESTION] Call all menbers of guild

    just use table.save to save the leader location and recall using cha_timer "table.load".
  9. I like to make servers that are PVP Intensive/Mid Farming, also it wont be mainly fc/ds i would start increasing level cap by time but still give some specailities for those who keep going for FC/DS characters even give them the chance to be as powerful as higher level players, the new system that im talking about that makes end-game very late would allow those who stick to FC/DS to be able to reach the power of a max leveled player.
  10. its true, but still quality differs from person to person
  11. Saeed

    Ultimate Pirates Online

    Who are you by the way, mind contacting me on fb/skype?
  12. Also ive got a new feature which makes end-game comes really late in the game, you might see it in one server later on
  13. No one has the original files other than me. weird?
  14. Saeed


    @Andy Remember me you little sneaky?