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  1. I already done that. It's still not working. Yes. I'm using SQL 2014. For the DB IP It's .\SQLEXPRESS
  2. Firewall off checked. The problem is, I can access to the game without any problems but when i tried to access web it gave me error. Did I miss edit anything in web? I just need to edit in inc.config only isn't?
  3. I already turned off the firewall. but just in case, I'll just check it again if I missed something.
  4. Greetings. I already edited the inc.config.php and it still give a same error. Is there any solution for this? I already off my firewall too.
  5. zekkensenpai

    Database (character) intialzation error, please check

    fixed. After googling a lot, I just need to make new security login and tick them the db_owner *Microsoft SQL Server 2014*
  6. I need help. Everything is fine. except GameServer. Anyone know how to fix this?