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  1. Hello Joker, I need one service, you help me?

    I pay for service.


    I need change the limit apparel fusion.


    Actually: 4999-6999

    To: 4999-7999



    1. Edilson


      My Game Version is 1.36

  2. increase skilleff limit

    you need to hex game.exe which in client side
  3. GM message when player reach max level

    for gmnotice you need vector exes, and here is how to add gmnotice & track lvl find script/calculate/AttrCalculate.lua find:- function BsAttrUpgrade( role ) add this if lv == NEW_LV_LIMIT then GMNotice('Congratulations to '..GetChaDefaultName(role)..' for reaching the max level.'); end below local lv = GetChaAttr ( role , ATTR_LV ) where NEW_LV_LIMIT is the variable that equal to the lv you want to track/maxlv. we will say your server's maxlv is lv100 so NEW_LV_LIMIT will be:- NEW_LV_LIMIT = 100 NEW_LV_LIMIT = 100 add it wherever you want. or you can add it into Variable.lua
  4. Fairy Poss Problem

    @Billy solution ALL STATES that are to be added must NOT have the ALLExAttrSet(role) or AttrRecheck(role) lines, as this would cause an overflow error.
  5. Hell House Online

    many vanillas right now, u gonna waste your time.
  6. problem with npc exchanger.

    how do you expect being helped without posting scripts?
  7. How to find monster/mobs

    he wants to create tweaks
  8. Pko - regards mob's models tweak

    there are visible/invisible tweaked models and two ways for this, first method replacing models 2nd method decompiling character info and replacing lines which is bad.
  9. we are here talking about security not about pk
  10. im sorry, but even if Epo or @Andy has stolen @Cryteks's or Blizzard's checksum or anti tweak whatever you call it, but if you think its safe or its an "anti tweak" as you say.. then you are wrong, already tweaked it for my friend.. removed all buildings and replaced models... i can edit anything i want and enter "bypass the anti tweak"
  11. Looking any website developer

    @Home you just asking about "how much?" all you care about is money? it depends on what you gonna do/develop for him not about "how much?".
  12. Demonic Fruits

    @Phoenix u should post ur scripts here, so we can define your problem
  13. Server/Website

    well these are my answers... 1- not necessary as @wolfenx said. 2- dedicated server or at least 8gb ++ ram windows server host. 3- cloud flare for site( hiding ip address), kiwi (detecting packets and auto block high packets sender) but its not blocking it forever so if you are sure that an ip is dosing you create a firewall rule to block it(google it). 4- hmm there are many companies, i 've tested google/ovh both of them are good. 5- yup there are but as @wolfenx said they maybe have a backdoor, so you can buy one or edit your pko site template (its totally up to you). 6- hiding site, hiding site ip with cloudflare so no one could reach to site's real ip to launch a dos or something..
  14. Yeah sure. Rename your existing database to any thing then attach your new one. if they are the same columns then you can do this if not then you gonna mess up with them goto your renamed database => [+] => Tables => [for example you want to copy data from dbo.account_login] right click on dbo.account_login => Select Top 1000 Rows then goto your Results Window => ctrl + a => ctrl + c then goto your new database => [+] => Tables => right click on your dbo.account_login [The same name as the one you copied rows from ] => Edit Top 200 Rows => ctrl + v good luck