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  1. Having looked at this more, it seems like the "item[n]" parametres correspond to probability for the item to fall, and cannot be set to determine the item's ID. So, I am wondering two things: - Is there any function that controls drop from monsters? I can achieve what I want with "GiveItem()", but I would rather the item to drop and not appear directly on inventory. - My initial question: Where are all these functions defined? Like the "SetItemFall", "GiveItem", etc? Are they lua functions, or are they somehow integrated with the server's code? Sorry for the rookie question, I don't know a lot about programming. Thanks for reading
  2. Registration script with rankings

    Hi, haven't tested if registration works with this edits, but to avoid the deprecated mssql_connect() you can edit this line in `index.php`: Edited: changed all calls to mssql_* functions, this should work for you: For me the captcha image did not work and did not have time to check it, so I just commented out line 41: "else if($_SESSION['captcha_keystring']" This only makes work the registration, to have rankings work you change the mssql_ functions with the respective sqlsrv_ functions. Hope this can help
  3. Hello everyone, Sorry for the stupid question, I am novice in lua and am having a very big confusion regarding where some functions are defined. My question is: in the file "itemeffect.lua" inside the function: "function Check_Baoliao(ATKER, DEFER, ... )": There is this line repeated 3 times, for when player is killed in PVP, when monster is killed in PVE or when resource is used: SetItemFall ( count , item[1] , item[2] , item[3] , item[4] , item[5] , item[6], item[7] ,item[8],item[9],item[10] ) I am trying to understand where the "SetItemFall" is defined, as I want to use it in another function in order to alter drops. However, it seems it cannot be used outside "Check_Baoliao"? However, it is not defined as a function in Check_Baoliao either, or in any other file inside the "calculate" directory. The reason I want to use it is because I am trying to add a drop for every mob in "exp_and_level.lua": Trying to get this working before start playing with dropping chance percentages (that I think depend on the "StateLv" and "MF_RAID_STATE"?) Sorry for my English and thanks in advance
  4. It worked exactly as should in my 1.36 files. But first I changed all the spaces in skillinfo entries into tabs, maybe make sure all values in correct columns by checking in CSVed?
  5. Create a Quest

    This is great guide very useful! This maybe helpful, I had asked about random quests in the past I think in serverdv forum and this is how I think it work: (though I didn't finally do it, so some things I still don't know what is) Random mob to kill: AddRandKillInfo( level , monsterid, randvalue, randscope, exp , money ) AddRandKillInfo( 10 , 206 , 3 , 2 , 4028 , 4000 ) 10 = Char level 206= id of mob to hunt (mini bee in this one) 3 = minimum number of mobs to hunt 2 = variation: minimun number + 2, quest can ask kill 3, 4, or 5 (3+2) mobs 4028: Quest gives 201g money reward at round 1 (roughly 4028/20) and each round increases by 40 (2 first digits) 4000: Quest give 200exp first round (4000/20) and increase 40 each round Random item to collect: AddRandGetItem( level, itemid, randvalue, randscope, exp, money ) AddRandGetItem( 10 , 4485 , 3 , 2 , 4028 , 4000 ) Same as above: 10 = Char level 4485= id of item to collect (Bee Wing) 3 = min number of items 2 = variation 4028 and 4000: money and exp as above Random give item to other NPC: AddRandSendInfo( level, npcid, exp, money ) AddRandSendInfo( 80 , 41 , 727500 , 86569 ) AddRandSendItem( level, item ) AddRandSendItem( 80 , 1850 ) 80 = level 41 = npc ID 727500 and 86569 money and exp 1850 is parcel Price (randomised) SetRandPrizeItem( level ) SetRandPrizeItem( 10 ) AddRandPrizeItem( level, item1, itemdata1, item2, itemdata2, item3, itemdata3, item4, itemdata4 ) AddRandPrizeItem( 10 , 290 , 810 ) level 10, item reward 290 (husk armor) and itemdata 810 I am not sure what means Cycling quests (quest complete every 10 rounds) SetRandPrizeOdds( loopnum, odds, completenum ) SetRandPrizeOdds( 1, 100, 10 ) completenum (10) is the number of quests to complete a cycle. I don't know how the other two are cacluleted
  6. Cleric/SM ranged attack in 1.36 files

    Thanks so much, @V3ct0r it works great! (btw you have a small typo by the end, parenthesis must close in line before last "Take_Def_ItemURE ( DEFER" )
  7. Hi everyone, I am using 1.36 server files and I want to change herbalist class weapon to be long range, like it was in TOP2. I have 2x files for check, but I have no idea where to start. Any pointers? Is that kind of stuff stored in skilleffect.lua? (I am sure there was a thread like this in the old forum serverdev, but I've been looking through the archives and I cannot locate it) Thanks in advance