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  1. wolfenx

    [Ayuda] DB Conection Failed.

    deverias poner capturas para que la gente sepa mas del error
  2. wolfenx

    Tales of Vikings (Project)

    bro yo hablo espa;ol te podria ayudar discord Wolfen#1498
  3. wolfenx

    Game.exe fails to initiate (2016 source)

    intenta probar esto uichat.cpp _pSessionNode = dynamic_cast<GUI::CTreeGridNode*>(m_pQQTreeView->GetRootNode()->FindNode("Local")); <-- traducir lineas client folder script/lua/form/chat.clu itemid = UI_CreateNoteGraphItem( "texture/ui/QQ2.tga", 87,16,105,222, 0, "Local", 5,2 ) <-- traducir lineas
  4. wolfenx

    GameServer Problem In SQLAllocHandle

    obtuve un error parecido ase unos momentos lo solucione con Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 suerte
  5. wolfenx

    GameServer Problem In SQLAllocHandle

    you should ask the person who sells you the files or the person who uploaded your server since those files are not clean they can be modified or with some sql plugin @Legend Of Sea Please do not send me a private message. since I don't see those problems. clean servers only
  6. wolfenx

    new monster models?

  7. wolfenx

    Making my server first time

    can you enter with the user "sa"?
  8. wolfenx

    Items id is invalid help !!!

    create archive compile.bat and edit whit text editor and paste this @echo off start system\game.exe startgame table_bin save an copy in client folder run compile.bat
  9. wolfenx

    Items id is invalid help !!!

    add item in server files and compilet iteminfo.txt in client lol
  10. wolfenx

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    open groupserver solution and search m_mapBirthplace and replace m_mapBirthplace["Argent City"] = "garner"; m_mapBirthplace["Shaitan City"] = "magicsea"; m_mapBirthplace["Icicle Castle"] = "darkblue";
  11. wolfenx

    connection failed

    siendo profesor deverias tener el conosimiento jeje revisa la ip del cliente que este en local gateserver.cfg [ToClient] IP = o usar Port = 1973
  12. wolfenx

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    try this client Drive Mega
  13. wolfenx

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    add GP_GROUPSERVERAPP_CPP_00001 { "Argent City" } GP_GROUPSERVERAPP_CPP_00002 { "Shaitan City" } GP_GROUPSERVERAPP_CPP_00003 { "Icicle Castle" } in .res from groupserver
  14. wolfenx

    target map cannot be reached

    debes agregar el mapa en GameServer.cfg [Map] map = garner