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  1. wolfenx

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    add GP_GROUPSERVERAPP_CPP_00001 { "Argent City" } GP_GROUPSERVERAPP_CPP_00002 { "Shaitan City" } GP_GROUPSERVERAPP_CPP_00003 { "Icicle Castle" } in .res from groupserver
  2. wolfenx

    target map cannot be reached

    debes agregar el mapa en GameServer.cfg [Map] map = garner
  3. wolfenx

    i need fairy model

    Si te interesa puedo ayudarte
  4. wolfenx

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    CFF explorer. I think he does not have that option you will have to look for another method
  5. wolfenx

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    lol .dll not allow in exe. inject is for exe requiered this dll
  6. wolfenx

    how to change the ip of 2.4 cleint

    hexeditor or ip changer
  7. wolfenx

    Пиратия на unity3d

  8. [CHARACTER ID] [ACTION ID] [START GRAME] [END FRAME] [LOOP FRAME?] <-- Not sure how it works Max action id per moob is 54 frame is read from animation in .lab
  9. wolfenx

    Invisible Model & Texture Problems

    yes edit mindpower3d.dll to read inverse texture or create plugin in blender to export model whit inverse texture
  10. wolfenx

    Invisible Model & Texture Problems

    inverse texture
  11. wolfenx

    BUY FILES PKO 2.4 Original

    lo dudo que tengan los origuinales pero puedes trabajar con el source code es lo mas parecido
  12. wolfenx

    Sale of web pages made by @quad

    pide el rembolso en paypal y listo selo descuentan
  13. wolfenx

    Requiring a server setup

    do not work with him since he later cancels the payments http://prntscr.com/kohwd9 http://prntscr.com/kohwik