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  1. joebin99

    How Make +27 Armor, Weapon, etc.. In Chest

    plz usd sir
  2. Hello everyone, im looking for a professional designer for Pirates Online, let me know if interested.
  3. joebin99

    Dark Of Pirates 24/7 Dedicated

    Get wid it Get wid it Thotiana
  4. joebin99

    Go Pirate King

  5. hello guys, im looking for a map developer to make me a halloween based map, if you would like to work for me on this map, you can contact me at skype: mezmer@hotmail.co.uk
  6. joebin99

    Keyblade designs

    Looking to pay a designer to make Keyblade sword designs.
  7. joebin99

    Cargo Trade error

    @V3ct0r and update on why cargo stopped working with your ptection?
  8. joebin99

    Cargo Trade error

    Hello i am trying to use cargo trade for ship and once i select my ship to open up shop it dcs me. any ideas?
  9. joebin99

    DDos help

    Hello everyone, im having an issue with my server, basically all the server is online but i close and reopen the port 1973 the server goes online for 10mins of which then says connection failed again, im assuming its some kind of ddos or i dont know, i dont have much knowledge on this, but i am willing to pay someone if they can come on my teamviewer or something and try to resolve the issue.
  10. joebin99

    Weapon glows

    (figured out)
  11. joebin99

    Weapon glows

    I did so many tests, and i still cant figure out why it wont take the shape, if its the same model as the top2 one, i used the exact itemrefine line as top2 has and still doesnt glow right. so confusing xd..
  12. joebin99

    Weapon glows

  13. Hey vector do you anything about why some items dont glow? if you help me fix i will pay you.

  14. joebin99

    AreaSet.bin and Naming Areas on New Maps

    I believe in Yammi, there's a section where you can add a number value for your music, so lets say you make it 20, you then go into your music folder and put a music file with the name 20. For the name of the map im not 100% sure, i could be 100% wrong but In areaset.bin decompile it. Youll see some numbers: copy paste any of those lines at the bottom. First number is your mapinfo number for the map and the next 2 are your coords i believe??