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  1. cpworkerz


    Hello I'm trying to change pkosite into mysql connection for learning purposes, i could change the connection but i couldn't make it like the mssql, i have to put it in every page and load the connection everytime im making a query, could someone help?...
  2. cpworkerz

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    error building accountserver, directories path are fixed... libs taken from 1.36 cn src, any help ?
  3. cpworkerz

    Mastering php

    hello pkodev people, i have big knowledge of php not learned through any online courses or anything but just through daily working in the past in some php projects.. I want to learn and master PHP and use laravel next, could anyone guide me to the right track? I want to know how I will go through this so I thought you guys will be the right people to answer me.
  4. cpworkerz

    Game.exe Info

  5. cpworkerz

    PKO 2.4 work in sql express 2017?

    post accountserver.cfg
  6. cpworkerz

    Game.exe Info

    outdated links
  7. 1, I'm myself using MSSQL 2k14 on latest Windows 10 64-bit version, if it's gonna be a home server ( just friends ,etc go on any version 2008 or 2012/2014 ) 2, if you have a static IP, you can just forget about hamachi but if not, then go for the new hamachi, vpn.net yes... 3, There is TOP 1.36 and 2.0 they are likely the same ( in the gameplay view ) there is pko 2.4 files which looks like TOP II etc new eq slots and so on.. 4, You can go on the mega archives and check server files names, copy name and search on youtube to check videos of the servers which had been created before for those files and pick up what you like hope I helped.
  8. cpworkerz

    PKO 2.4 work in sql express 2017?

    post screen of error or whatever you're saying.
  9. cpworkerz

    How to find monster/mobs

    you want to start stealing stuff from the new servers? =D
  10. cpworkerz

    Looking for a team

    post what kind of people you want.. like the requirements to be in your team from languages spoken, knowledge person must have, age and etc information.
  11. cpworkerz

    [BUY] Server Files - Paying Good

    message me if you are still interested in buying files or a kind of services.
  12. cpworkerz

    Protected Exes

    if you can't spend on anything then why bothering opening a server? better spend your time on the server scripting then when your ready financially hit the server on.
  13. cpworkerz

    Looking for a partner

    check your private message.
  14. cpworkerz

    Aries Pirates Website ( Tera Pirates )

    No excuses, You just trying to act like your the one with the perfect stuff so you can bring some sales up, Nah this isn't the way I provide your customers a service of your hands then you can get some sales. About if the website has flaws or not go prove if it has , I said i'm not responsible of the usage of the website this is not my website neither I own it.
  15. cpworkerz

    Aries Pirates Website ( Tera Pirates )

    No need to read, Well we ain't asking for much go post screens of the flaws gogogogo.