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  1. riyo

    XPO Reborn Online 2018

    With all due respect, You opened a server with leveling rates close to what it is from "official" yet you sell high level sandbags(4&5) on the mall , clearly that defeats the sole purpose of players coming together to grind up or even for solo players. Kylin sets and the co that you sell on mall. now , if you kept this stance any longer you are running the risk that non-mallers will be 10-15 steps away from the ones who can get their hands on it,, Something you may wanna think through and through if your server is gonna make it through the first year or two. Selling massive powers for a buck was never optimal Credit stores seems to be empty with nothing of uses in there, the ones that were filled up were on malls. your server seems to also have some serious stability and security issues. p.s- whatever changes you might have done to your server up to this day. you might have missed to work on either of these four points
  2. riyo

    New Server

    with all due respect why dont you make a facebook group? there are alots of people out there desiring for the existence of a kick-ass server i rarely saw people here in pkodev to such extent sharing their aspiration for a server.
  3. riyo

    New Server

    do you have a discord channel?
  4. riyo

    How To Cook A Perfect Server. (By Jap)

    Definitely a must read for server-developer
  5. riyo

    Good TOP/PKO servers?

    Does good servers exist these days? is there anymore links/pages in facebook that i can look up for PKO servers?