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  1. Satan

    PK Mode - HandleChat

    Well, u can fix it easily. I'm sure u can do that ... That happens because we calling native function on same way.
  2. I see, maybe it could be a error on gameserver. I'll see what can do about that, thanks.
  3. You didn't explained it well, but if u meaning a script to level up a character to lv125 here you are. It will work for lv1 characters only and make sure you have DEXP calculated till lv125. function ItemUse_Lv125Scroll(role, Item) local Cha_Boat = 0 Cha_Boat = GetCtrlBoat(role) if Cha_Boat ~= nil then SystemNotice(role, "Cannot use while sailing!") UseItemFailed(role) return end local chaLv = Lv(role) local expAdd = DEXP[125] if chaLv > 1 then SystemNotice(role, "Only newborn characters can use Level Up Scroll!") UseItemFailed(role) return else SetChaAttrI(role, ATTR_CEXP, expAdd) end end
  4. Hello guys! I'm been trying to summon a wave of monsters on a map using a loop, but the following error on title appears on a box after the monsters are summoned. After the error appears i'm unable to move on map and error keep appearing even if i click on ok... any idea how to solve that? Thanks! function map_copy_run_mapname(map_copy) local Survivor = GetMapActivePlayer(map_copy) local Hour,Minute,Second = GetOsTime() if Minute == 1 then if monster_wave01 == 0 then local xLow,yLow = 80,480 local xHigh,yHigh = 138,535 local mobNum = 30 for i = 1, mobNum do local Monster = CreateChaEx(1324, math.random(xLow,xHigh) * 100, math.random(yLow,yHigh) * 100, 90, 60, map_copy) SetChaLifeTime(Monster, 299000) end monster_wave01 = monster_wave01 + 1 monster_waveNum = monster_waveNum + 1 end end end
  5. Satan

    Program for fixing a bug with Swings

    Hello guys! There's still missing models that being in use. 1. Found Missing - Angela Junior = 8yuejl01.lgo - True Sight = magic.lgo - Elven Wings = angel_wing1.lgo - Butterfly Wings = angel_wing2.lgo - Angelic Wings = angel_wing3.lgo - Dragon Wings = wings02.lgo - Ebony Dragon Wings = wings01.lgo - Fairy of Agility = pj.lgo - Fairy of Evil = sx.lgo - Fairy of Luck = tz.lgo - Fairy of Constitution = zj.lgo - Fairy of Accuracy = fj.lgo - Fairy of Spirit = jj.lgo - Fairy of Strenght = 2.lgo
  6. Satan

    PKO 1.38 Files Add Ons

    I think your cloak scripts are not made properly, look sometimes it blink nad the cape dissapear. Re-check scripts logic and remake it...
  7. Satan

    Admiral Cloak

    I got function using serialize to store character attributes when effect bonus added to not conflict within another STATE, can make a offer of $5 .
  8. Hello @SoundX! SetItemFall() and GiveItem() are c++ functions coded on source codes. As far i know SetItemFall control or/and reads monster drop on characterinfo, where there's max of 10 items per monster. If you willing to create custom drop to monsters using GetExp_PKM i'm not sure you can make them drop it on the floor, at least for monsters that are arealdy summoned. A way to make monsters drop items on the floor are giving them a item and removing it from him... for that work you must push monster userdata, like this: local ForestSpirit = CreateCha(103, 100, 100, 90, 60) GiveItem(ForestSpirit, 0, 885, 1, 4) RemoveChaItem(ForestSpirit, 885, 1, 2, -1, 0, 1) That will summon a forest spirit and give it a refining gem, but after created it will drop the refining gem on the floor. That just a sketch, ofc.
  9. Satan

    Movement Speed Bonus to an item in X Slot

    Hello! If you can show also scripts u made that gonna be easy to we see what u did wrong...
  10. Satan

    PK Mode - HandleChat

    System Name: PK Mode - HandleChat Credits: Pirates Online, showcase; @Andrew and @Angelix help on is_friend(); Introduction: This system allow players to battle on Battle Zones when the PK Mode is activated only. To enable PK Mode player must type on local chat the following command /pkon or to disable it /pkoff. Change-Logs: - Release of scripts v1.0 (03/13/2018) - Client Archives TODO: - When player has PK Mode activated and use skills that does area damage or debuff skills target and role gets damaged/affected
  11. System Name: Amplifier Handler - Serialization Credits: @Billy, System idea; @KONG, System idea; @Satan, Release and debug of system; Introduction: Our players get annoyed when we restart the server or they get DC and lose the bonus from their AMP. The purpose of this system is to save AMP bonuses in a .txt file and maintain the bonus persistence even if the player DC or the server restarts... Also a global function has been made for all the AMP's and of course the player receives notice of the duration of the bonus or when it ends. Change-Logs: - Release of scripts v1.0 (03/13/2018) - Original scripts by Billy and KONG amplifier.lua
  12. Satan

    Enabling Player Damage on Map

    Allright, thanks @Andrew and @Angelix that what i was been looking for !
  13. Hello guys! I was been trying to make players fight in a map if conditions meets, but been stuck on that. Years ago i've seen on maindev that it possible to do on skilleffect.lua maybe... that method before using pos as condition, but i forgot what the function name or if it really located at skilleffect.lua. I've been reading src to try find any clue but no lucky. PK Mouse Icon can be enabled by using SetPkState(role, num) -> where num = 0 or 1 and IsInPK(role) returns if 0 or 1, what about to enable damage to player? - So.. probably according that what reading src i want a function to set getCmd_SetInPK() equal true or a function to make players able to fight in a map even if it isn't PK and just to the "role" if there's such function. Thanks !!
  14. Satan

    Vip set

    Equipments that should be fused should be with ID less than 5000, if id higher than that you cannot fuse it. So just move your VIP set id low than 5000.
  15. Satan

    Portal Maps

    @x3worFor what use of cha_timer inside your codes? return values will be nil also on GetEntryDataByName() since entrydata not defined.