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  1. Satan

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    cha_timer doesn't use "Player" as param. It called "role" by default.. You can understand it easy if u take 2 minutes of ur time reading something instead copy-paste.
  2. Satan


    @Knight Idk the reason.
  3. Satan

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    @Rinor You probably called PIO_Effect_Cloak() wrong, which mean that probably the param "Player" not being called correct. Which will result in that error that u receiving, since capeEff is declared on table at the top of script.
  4. Satan

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    The addon quite simple to reading, if you patiently and can speak english u can read it as like a normal text. Here a brief introduction which may help you out..
  5. Satan

    Amplifier Handler - Serialization

    You probably forgot something on installation, check path to data or read whole codes and installation process again.
  6. Satan

    Amplifier Handler - Serialization

    You must replace original amplifiers function to new one that on handler, otherwise it will not work for sure. Timer just for ads system..
  7. Satan

    Amplifier Handler - Serialization

    Functions that need to be replace from this handler will fix errors and make call the amplifier statelv from it's functions too. A example of error is the ship experience which is not granted when u use amp, where on this handler it fixed.
  8. Satan

    PK Mode - HandleChat

    @Inuarashi Battle zones only, as like, Outskirt of Argent City.
  9. Satan

    PKODev.Net Discord?

    Hi! Here you are: https://discord.gg/CSE3BeT
  10. Satan


    Hello! There's not a guide for creating that since it requires c++ knowledge and source code edition. If you want to do that you should learn how to work with source code(client-side) or pay someone for creating this modification for u, it's client-side.
  11. Satan

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    System Name: Admiral Cloak - Addon Credits: @KONG, for redirection on attribute modification; @Satan, creation and release po Introduction: I've made this script for a server, decided to release it, maybe will be useful for you. Admiral Cloak is new equipment released by Tales of Pirates II. When equipped it provides player attributes bonuses and also a nice glow on character according to it's level. When unsealed it has no stats and with a power of an injection you can enchant it to add attributes until it reach +5 of any of these: str, agi, con, acc, spr. Change-logs: - Release of scripts v1.0 (30/07/2018) - Added player attribute increment: function State_AC_Add(Player, StateLv) has been modified (31/07/2018) Setup: - Load this lua code using dofile() - ItemInfo line on attribute value must set 0,0 where the 1st value = stat that item will receive when created and 2nd value = max attribute item can reach - Paste codes inside function PIO_Effect_Cloak() at your cha_timer or hook as you like it - Easy configuration within tables - Enchant rates configurable on Cloak.upRate = {}, value = percentage - Cape effect configurable on Cloak.race = {}, value = skilleff line id - Glow Level 1-2 configurable on Cloak.eff01 = {}, value = skilleff line id - Glow Level 3-4 configurable on Cloak.eff02 = {}, value = skilleff line id - Glow Level 5 configurable on Cloak.eff03 = {}, value = skilleff line id - Put the following codes on AttrCalculate.lua, function Creat_Item() after local Num = 0 : --Admiral Cloak if item_event == 88 then for i = ITEMATTR_VAL_STR, ITEMATTR_VAL_STA do Add_Item_Attr(i, 0) end end
  12. Satan

    Enable PK at Bar

    If you're using Argent City just turn map online. For that go to server files/gameserver.cfg and after [Map] put map = teampk. If using different map from Argent City, must define area using Yammi Editor, after that do previous step.
  13. Satan

    PK Mode - HandleChat

    Well, u can fix it easily. I'm sure u can do that ... That happens because we calling native function on same way.
  14. I see, maybe it could be a error on gameserver. I'll see what can do about that, thanks.
  15. You didn't explained it well, but if u meaning a script to level up a character to lv125 here you are. It will work for lv1 characters only and make sure you have DEXP calculated till lv125. function ItemUse_Lv125Scroll(role, Item) local Cha_Boat = 0 Cha_Boat = GetCtrlBoat(role) if Cha_Boat ~= nil then SystemNotice(role, "Cannot use while sailing!") UseItemFailed(role) return end local chaLv = Lv(role) local expAdd = DEXP[125] if chaLv > 1 then SystemNotice(role, "Only newborn characters can use Level Up Scroll!") UseItemFailed(role) return else SetChaAttrI(role, ATTR_CEXP, expAdd) end end