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  1. Satan

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    Allright, thanks for reply.
  2. Satan

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    No i didn't. Thanks for reply, i'll search more about.
  3. Satan

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    Yes.. with CFF Explorer we can inject it, idk how to export it, that the real question of this topic :
  4. Satan

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    It's custom .dll i've injected, i want to export/eject it. Idk how it named xD...
  5. Hello guys! How do i can export a .dll from a executable file? I know that we can inject it thought CFF Explorer (Import method). What about export it, so the executable not load it anymore?
  6. Satan

    Guild Leveling - Addon

    !update. Created two new functions suggested by @Spidpex. + /deposit <playername>: Grants access to deposit items from the guild bank. Can be used by guild leaders only; + /withdraw <playername>: Grants access to remove items from the guild bank. Can be used by guild leaders only; Info: - Role must have guild; - Role is guild leader; - Player who going receive access must be a real player and is online in-game; - Player who going receive access must be a member of same guild of role; - Role and player who going receive access will be notified about granted access; /deposit <playername> - showcase
  7. Satan

    Plant the Bomb - Map

    System Name: Plant the Bomb - 5v5 Team Battle Plant the Bomb - v1.0 [Preview] Credits: @Andrew, creating the map files(client-side) and introducing this battle mode in one of his servers before; @Angelix, Rush map scripts helped me a lot to creating this. @Satan, creating the scripts. Introduction: This is a 5v5 team battle with two additional game mechanics: The Red Team must plant a bomb at one of two viable plant zones, 1 or 2. Each round has a time limit of 2 minute(s) in which the Red Team must plant the bomb. If the time runs out and the bomb is not planted, the Green Team gains +1 point and the round will end in 10 second(s). After the bomb is planted, the Green Team has to defuse it in 1 minute(s) or it will explode granting +1 point to the Red Team and a new round starts in 10 second(s). The bomb takes 7 second(s) to plant or defuse. The team who survive will win the battle. The team who reach 6 point(s) first will win the battle. Future: Reward system for team; ADS System to inform players on map about current score of teams; Set the bomb not attackable by players; Any suggestion welcome.
  8. Satan

    [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    @Hello @1g0rS1lv4! Just add the function which gives crytal to the player at ActionsProc(), located at missionsdk.lua. Eg: elseif actions[i].func == GiveCrystal then GiveCrystal( character, actions[i].p1 ) Usage on quest: MisResultAction(GiveCrystal, 10) -- Gives 10 crystal to player
  9. Satan

    about SqlLua

    Hello @bugerman! You need to inject .dll into .exe in order to it load required functions. https://pkodev.net/index.php?/topic/3362-luasql-nil-value-working-one/&do=findComment&comment=20961
  10. Satan

    Guild Leveling - Addon

    That's nice idea thought and can be done. The only problem is that we should use many map copies, but i think that will be not a problem to gameserver.
  11. Satan

    Guild Leveling - Addon

    Oh, that's a nice idea. You mean like the friend system we have arealdy (CTRL + F)? If yes, it will requires deep source modification. Sure, I just concluded that the other functions I've created update instantly.
  12. Satan

    Guild Leveling - Addon

    System Name: Guild Leveling - Addon Guild System - Showoff Introduction: Currently TOP guild system is so poor , so in order to improve it i decided to create a leveling system. GameDB contains some unused coluns, where there are not created function in source to update them, meaning that we cannot use them thought lua scripts. But, since LuaSql was been released now we able to do that ! Q: Why LuaSql? A: I chose LuaSql due to the fact that we had these columns unusable, thus facilitating the use of the existing interface of the guild. However, we could also create this using Table Serialization and the NPC window as the interface. Features: + GetGuildLevel(role): returns guild level, from GameDB [dbo].character.money; + GetGuildEXP(role, exp): returns guild experience, from GameDB [dbo].character.exp; + TakeGuildEXP(role, exp): takes a amount of experience set on (role, exp) from the guild; + GuildAddEXP(role, exp): adds a amount of experience set on (role, exp) to the guild; + GuildSetLevel(role, level): set guild level according to number defined on (role, level); + GetGuildLeaderID(role): returns the id of player (guild leader) from the guild which role belongs; + IsGuildLeader(role): check if the player is the guild leader; + /deposit <playername>: Grants access to deposit items from the guild bank. Can be used by guild leaders only; + /withdraw <playername>: Grants access to remove items from the guild bank. Can be used by guild leaders only; Issues: - Values are not refreshed instantly on guild panel if it's opened, must re-open it again. Meaning that LuaSql takes milliseconds to update database. Future: - Guild Buffs to guild members according to guild level; - Guild Missions; - Guild Bank: Showoff; - Guild House; - Function to check who has access to deposit/withdraw items from bank; Any suggestion welcome.
  13. Satan

    Sandy Beach Dungeon - Map

    TOP 1.
  14. Satan

    Sandy Beach Dungeon - Map

    System Name: Sandy Beach Dungeon (Map) Hello guys! Firstly, if you are a Pirates Online admin/gm/developer, let's make it clear that I am making these codes giving you due credit for creating something similar. Sandy Beach Dungeon - v1.0 [Preview] Introduction: Sandy Beach Dungeon is a map where party must complete before the time given by the system ends. Your main goal is to eliminate a certain amount of monsters to summon the boss on the map and thus complete the map and receive great rewards. After entering the map together with your party the leader must activate the map so that the monsters appear and the time begins to count. The monsters drop common items, and the boss will grant all members of the party a random reward upon being killed. Features: - Balanced character stats according to it's job configurable thought variables; - Most common functions from map can be configured thought variables; - Non-pk zone; - Totally easy to understand and modify functions; - Configurable ADS system to inform players remaining time to complete dungeon; - Functionally map copies; Future: - Random monster quantity to party clear within map time limit; - Spawn monster quantity according to monster kill number given; - Remove solo players from map; - Smart AI to BOSS; Any suggestions welcome.
  15. System Name: Magic Toadstool - Addon (Transformation) Bandit Magic Toadstool - Showoff Credits: @KONG, for redirecting on ReformChaX() from his v1.38 project; @Satan, creating the addon; Introduction: Toadstool is a item which where when using it players will turn into a defined monster thought scripts by it's ID during a period of time. Requeriments: - TransformCha(role, id) function on GameServer.exe - Table Serialization Features: - Allow player to immediatly turn into another monster when using toadstool; - Transformation time for characters being saved on single .txt file using Table Serialization; - Automates create the .txt files for storing time if it doesn't exists - Created timer function to turn character back to it's default look when transformation time gone; - Created single Toadstool item usage function to easy configuration; Issues: - Character must unequip helm before use magic toadstool, because that monsters doesn't supports it on look iirc. Future: - Implementation of a ADS system on timer to announce remaining transformation time? Any suggestions welcome.