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  1. Satan

    Delete equipment on equipment slot

    Hello @bugerman! You can do something like this, please note that it will remove weapon from right slot. GetChaItem(ATKER, 1, 6) Codes for removing item: local Weapon = GetChaItem(ATKER, 1, 6) if Weapon == nil then return end local WeaponID = GetItemID(Weapon) local Quantity = 1 if WeaponID == 1 then SystemNotice(ATKER, "Systes takes you "..Quantity.." ["..GetItemName(WeaponID).."] item!") RemoveChaItem(ATKER, WeaponID, Quantity, 1, 6, 2, 1) end You can check equipment slots on iteminfo, after class requeriment column.
  2. Satan

    Corsairs Online Source codes

  3. Satan

    Guild Leveling - Addon

    !update. Update^1: System no longer uses LuaSql anymore for Guild Level and Experience. I decided to use Table Serialization, so in future we can create more features; Update^2: Guild Buffs/Attributes to guild members according to their guild level. Update^3: Function which adds Guild Experience now will check and update player's Guild Level. Update^4: Guild Missions can be taken by any guild member, once completed grants Guild Experience. Update^5: Most know bosses and monsters grants Guild Experience once defeated. Info^1: - Guild Officer - Showoff - All guild information related to this addon can be verified thought HelpInfo in a NPC; - Player can also create, view current guilds and manage their guild thought this NPC; - HelpInfo will display the following: Guild Name, Leader, Guild Creation date, Total Members, Level and Experience; Info^2: - cha_timer no longer used to apply bonuses to guild members; - Bonuses can be easily modified thought a table; - Supported attributes: Max HP/SP, Min/Max Attack, Attack Speed, Defense, Physical Resist, Hit-Rate, Dodge, HP/SP Recovery and Movement Speed; Info^3: - Checks if guild can obtain experience according to their level; - Checks if guild reached experience amount to next level and update level, deducting next level experience amount; Info^4: - Guild Missions - Showoff - Mission objectives are: Hunt monsters and guild members; - Player have 10 attempts to choose a mission once click on the mission option at NPC every 30 minute(s); - Each attempt will give player a random mission; Info^5: - GetExp_PKM() hook; - Monsters and experience amount can be easily configured thought a table; To be honest, I did not like that mission system I created. I'll rethink about it and try to improve it, for me I see it as boring... if you have suggestions to make these missions more interesting it would be quite useful. Maybe i'll use Random quests as like promotion one's.
  4. Ye, that what i said and that what that other topic says also. Currently no one did a fix for that as i know...
  5. Hello @kannas! Don't think sea commerce work on this files version, seems there's something missing into exes. Would be nice if you be more clear on ur topics also ^^
  6. Satan


    Additional modifications required in game.exe to make player able to sit and walk in swing, pump function and bonuses can be easily created into server files. Maybe someone sell whole swing system... check out our paid services section or pm me if you're interested, maybe i can do that. https://pkodev.net/index.php?/forum/41-paid-services-requests/
  7. Satan


    Hello @kannas! You can take models, textures and lines from here:
  8. Satan

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    Allright, thanks for reply.
  9. Satan

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    No i didn't. Thanks for reply, i'll search more about.
  10. Satan

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    Yes.. with CFF Explorer we can inject it, idk how to export it, that the real question of this topic :
  11. Satan

    Exporting a .dll from executable

    It's custom .dll i've injected, i want to export/eject it. Idk how it named xD...
  12. Hello guys! How do i can export a .dll from a executable file? I know that we can inject it thought CFF Explorer (Import method). What about export it, so the executable not load it anymore?
  13. Satan

    Guild Leveling - Addon

    !update. Created two new functions suggested by @Spidpex. + /deposit <playername>: Grants access to deposit items from the guild bank. Can be used by guild leaders only; + /withdraw <playername>: Grants access to remove items from the guild bank. Can be used by guild leaders only; Info: - Role must have guild; - Role is guild leader; - Player who going receive access must be a real player and is online in-game; - Player who going receive access must be a member of same guild of role; - Role and player who going receive access will be notified about granted access; /deposit <playername> - showcase
  14. Satan

    Plant the Bomb - Map

    System Name: Plant the Bomb - 5v5 Team Battle Plant the Bomb - v1.0 [Preview] Credits: @Andrew, creating the map files(client-side) and introducing this battle mode in one of his servers before; @Angelix, Rush map scripts helped me a lot to creating this. @Satan, creating the scripts. Introduction: This is a 5v5 team battle with two additional game mechanics: The Red Team must plant a bomb at one of two viable plant zones, 1 or 2. Each round has a time limit of 2 minute(s) in which the Red Team must plant the bomb. If the time runs out and the bomb is not planted, the Green Team gains +1 point and the round will end in 10 second(s). After the bomb is planted, the Green Team has to defuse it in 1 minute(s) or it will explode granting +1 point to the Red Team and a new round starts in 10 second(s). The bomb takes 7 second(s) to plant or defuse. The team who survive will win the battle. The team who reach 6 point(s) first will win the battle. Future: Reward system for team; ADS System to inform players on map about current score of teams; Set the bomb not attackable by players; Any suggestion welcome.
  15. Satan

    [Lua-SQL Extension] Crystal By Mob

    @Hello @1g0rS1lv4! Just add the function which gives crytal to the player at ActionsProc(), located at missionsdk.lua. Eg: elseif actions[i].func == GiveCrystal then GiveCrystal( character, actions[i].p1 ) Usage on quest: MisResultAction(GiveCrystal, 10) -- Gives 10 crystal to player