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  1. Satan

    Pirates Sunny Online

    Hello! Since there are no ring gems, why Blacksmith should extract it as like u said?
  2. Satan

    Notice Players map

    GMNotice("string") use same params of Notice("string), just replace or add as you want to on garner2 ctrl.lua in function that announces it on system.
  3. Satan

    Help Reset Pet Card

    Hello @Java Hacker! First thing, before posting your scripts we have a option to add a code to topics, just click the red mark i showed on picture on text box and select programming language. About your scripts, we got wrong params on RemoveChaItem that's why your helm (slot 0) being removed when using the item. I've fixed it for u, take comparision between mine codes and ur and see what u did wrong. function ItemUse_respet(role,Item) local Cha_Boat = 0 Cha_Boat = GetCtrlBoat(role) if Cha_Boat ~= nil then SystemNotice(role, "Cannot use while sailing!") UseItemFailed(role) return end local fairy = GetChaItem(role, 2, 1) if fairy == nil then SystemNotice(role, "Your fairy must be in 2nd Inventory Slot in order.") UseItemFailed(role) return end if GetItemType(fairy) == 59 then local fairyId = GetItemID(fairy) local fairyName = GetItemName(fairyId) BickerNotice(role, "Your fairy was succesfully reseted to Lv0!") GiveItem(role, 0, fairyId, 1, 4) local takeFairy = RemoveChaItem(role, fairyID, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1) if takeFairy ~= 1 then SystemNotice(role, "Failed to remove fairy!") UseItemFailed(role) return end else SystemNotice(role, "Item on 2nd Inventory Slot is not a fairy.") UseItemFailed(role) return end end
  4. Satan


    Give up u just annoying. You don't have enough knowledge to do it and even if, was able to do yourself since it a paid service.
  5. Satan

    Imp Item (Card)

    That's meaning that your sql instance credentials are incorrect probably. Re-check it and i recommend creating new user for LuaSql. On MSSMS: Security > Logins > New Loging 1. Set a name, password, unmark "Enforce password expiration" 2. Navigate at "Server Roles", mark sysadmin 3. Navigate at User Mapping, mark: AccDB, GameDB, WebDB. Set db_owner role for them. 4. Change ur LuaSql credentials at your script. 5. Done!
  6. Satan

    Imp Item (Card)

    In some cases the function LuaSQL defined as "LuaSql", mine for eg is LuaSql the three last letters non-capitalized.
  7. Satan

    Why can not i Change its value

    Hello @flamyman1412! That variable you changed has effect only to server-side of game, to changing gem description bonus effect you must edit client-side. Go to: Client/scripts/lua/table and open scripts.lua, find gem function name on stoneinfo.txt located on your files and then search for it on scripts.lua. Just change values and it would be ok now!
  8. Satan

    Imp Item (Card)

    @FapFap you don't need check if the functions returned value 1. Try something like that below: function ItemUse_Points(role, Item) local itemID = GetItemID(Item) local impVar = {} impVar[0885] = 100 --Key = ItemID, Value = Imp Amount; For new item just do the same as this line; local NocLock = KitbagLock(role, 0) if NocLock == LUA_FALSE then SystemNotice(role,"Your inventory is being binded.") UseItemFailed(role) return end local Cha_Boat = 0 Cha_Boat = GetCtrlBoat(role) if Cha_Boat ~= nil then SystemNotice(role,"Cannot use while sailing") UseItemFailed (role) return end if impVar[itemID] ~= nil then GiveMallPoints(role, impVar[itemID]) else SystemNotice(role, "IMP Card no longer registered!") UseItemFailed(role) return end end
  9. Satan

    GetPlayerByName /playeffect

    Hello @ahmad! You can use VIP Addon released here by Billy and modify it to create ur custom playeffect function. It uses table serialization and with that will be possible set a duration to ur playeffect function.. Just edit some functions, debug and see results. Simple VIP
  10. Satan

    Imp Item (Card)

    Hello @FapFap! Creating such function we will call the SQL.Execute() from LuaSQL and the UPDATE Statement of SQL: SQL Update Statement sample of script: function GiveMallPoints(role,amount) local characterID,characterName,accountName = GetPlayerID(GetChaPlayer(role)),GetChaDefaultName(role),GetActName(role) SQL.Execute("UPDATE GameDB.dbo.account SET mall_points = mall_points + "..amount.." WHERE con_name = '"..accountName.."'") LG('LuaSql','[GiveMallPoints] = ChaID:['..characterID..'] ChaName:['..characterName..'] ActName['..accountName..'] successfully added '..amount..' mall_points.') end for usage, just call function name and params on itemeffect and replace amount param to points which will be added to account.
  11. Satan

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    cha_timer doesn't use "Player" as param. It called "role" by default.. You can understand it easy if u take 2 minutes of ur time reading something instead copy-paste.
  12. Satan


    @Knight Idk the reason.
  13. Satan

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    @Rinor You probably called PIO_Effect_Cloak() wrong, which mean that probably the param "Player" not being called correct. Which will result in that error that u receiving, since capeEff is declared on table at the top of script.
  14. Satan

    Admiral Cloak - Addon

    The addon quite simple to reading, if you patiently and can speak english u can read it as like a normal text. Here a brief introduction which may help you out..
  15. Satan

    Amplifier Handler - Serialization

    You probably forgot something on installation, check path to data or read whole codes and installation process again.