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  1. PK Mode - HandleChat

    System Name: PK Mode - HandleChat Credits: Pirates Online, showcase; @Andrew and @Angelix help on is_friend(); Introduction: This system allow players to battle on Battle Zones when the PK Mode is activated only. To enable PK Mode player must type on local chat the following command /pkon or to disable it /pkoff. Change-Logs: - Release of scripts v1.0 (03/13/2018) - Client Archives TODO: - When player has PK Mode activated and use skills that does area damage or debuff skills target and role gets damaged/affected
  2. System Name: Amplifier Handler - Serialization Credits: @Billy, System idea; @KONG, System idea; @Satan, Release and debug of system; Introduction: Our players get annoyed when we restart the server or they get DC and lose the bonus from their AMP. The purpose of this system is to save AMP bonuses in a .txt file and maintain the bonus persistence even if the player DC or the server restarts... Also a global function has been made for all the AMP's and of course the player receives notice of the duration of the bonus or when it ends. Change-Logs: - Release of scripts v1.0 (03/13/2018) - Original scripts by Billy and KONG amplifier.lua
  3. Enabling Player Damage on Map

    Allright, thanks @Andrew and @Angelix that what i was been looking for !
  4. Hello guys! I was been trying to make players fight in a map if conditions meets, but been stuck on that. Years ago i've seen on maindev that it possible to do on skilleffect.lua maybe... that method before using pos as condition, but i forgot what the function name or if it really located at skilleffect.lua. I've been reading src to try find any clue but no lucky. PK Mouse Icon can be enabled by using SetPkState(role, num) -> where num = 0 or 1 and IsInPK(role) returns if 0 or 1, what about to enable damage to player? - So.. probably according that what reading src i want a function to set getCmd_SetInPK() equal true or a function to make players able to fight in a map even if it isn't PK and just to the "role" if there's such function. Thanks !!
  5. Vip set

    Equipments that should be fused should be with ID less than 5000, if id higher than that you cannot fuse it. So just move your VIP set id low than 5000.
  6. Portal Maps

    @x3worFor what use of cha_timer inside your codes? return values will be nil also on GetEntryDataByName() since entrydata not defined.
  7. Can someone help me about this list

    Ok, fixed it for you. - Record monster kill num to table based on roleID; - Fixed the problem on kill num which was not being increased. Defined the local mobDeadNum to global var; - Player teleport to another coords when reach 20 kills and the monster kill num resets to 0; mobDeadNum = {}; function new_pkm_hook(dead, atk) local chaId = GetCharID(atk) local mobId = GetChaTypeID(dead) local mobName = GetMonsterName(mobId) local pos_x,pos_y,map = 2171,2782,'garner' if mobId == 103 then if mobDeadNum[chaId] == nil then mobDeadNum[chaId] = 0 end mobDeadNum[chaId] = mobDeadNum[chaId] + 1 if mobDeadNum[chaId] <= 19 then BickerNotice(atk, 'Killed ['..mobName..'] : {'..mobDeadNum[chaId]..'/20}') else GoTo(atk, pos_x, pos_y, map) mobDeadNum[chaId] = nil end end end twenty_pkm_hook = GetExp_PKM GetExp_PKM = function(dead, atk) twenty_pkm_hook(dead, atk) if (GetChaMapName(atk) == "garner") then new_pkm_hook(dead, atk) end end
  8. Can someone help me about this list

    Hello @DaGreatMarky, i will provide you a example for the first question u asked. I didn't tested it, but it will be something like that. function new_pkm_hook(dead, atk) local mobId = GetChaTypeID(dead) --Gets monsterId killed local mobName = GetMonsterName(mobId) --Gets monsters name killed local mobDeadNum = 0 --It will record amount of mobs killed local pos_x,pos_y,map = 2171,2782,'garner' --Coords to be teleported or just use MoveCity() if mobId == 103 then --MonterId to record kill num (Forest Spirit) if mobDeadNum < 20 then --If kill num < 20 then mobDeadNum = mobDeadNum + 1 --Increase kill num by + 1 BickerNotice(atk, 'Killed ['..mobName..'] : {'..mobDeadNum..'/20}') --Display notice to killer else --If kill num >= 20 then GoTo(atk, pos_x, pos_y, map) --Teleport killer to coords and map end end end twenty_pkm_hook = GetExp_PKM --Hooking Player Kill Monster GetExp_PKM = function(dead, atk) twenty_pkm_hook(dead, atk) if (GetChaMapName(atk) == "garner") then --Map name to custom function be called new_pkm_hook(dead, atk) end end Make sure u did the correct conditions for that, this just a example! If you back killing same monster when kill >= 20 it will just keep teleporting player, so reset the var when player teleported or something like.
  9. Fairy Poss Problem

    This if he uses AttrRecheck() instead of a timer.
  10. Fairy Poss Problem

    Hello, This can be fixed if you use serialize to record attributes that is set to players when possed and removed. 1. Applying attr bonus to player: - Get player attr and add with skill attr, save on table and SetCharaAttr() 2. Removing attr bonus to player: - check if attr saved on table is not nil, decrease player current attr with value saved on table, define attr value saved as nil, SetCharaAttr() Basically, there's a little about what you can be doing. Oh, and if you in doubt there's something like that on released SPKO files, feel free coding!
  11. SetItemAttr

    Hello, Home. I didn't get how your unfusion script works, it supposed to give to players the original item "ITEMATTR_VAL_FUSIONID" and apparel. Anyway, to create a new attr to a item you can use the function Creat_Item_Tattr(), located in AttrCalculate.lua. Keep in mind that you can set up to 5 new attrs to a item.. if item_event == 88 then for i = ITEMATTR_VAL_STR, ITEMATTR_VAL_STA do Add_Item_Attr(i, 0); end end This example above, when item created with quality 88, normal attrs (str, con, agi, spr, dex) will set equal 0. After that you can use SetItemAttr normally
  12. 天魔传说 (Demon Legend?) Client v1.69

    This game client was released on 2012 how we can see on link, imported first monster "Holy Ice Phoenix" from this game to TOP 2 years after it and on Scrotos we can see monsters from that game. Now the question, how do we can generate lines for CharacterAction, CharacterInfo and about Lenght, Width and Height? How to do these stuffs? Using a Model Software?
  13. Quest in time

    Most files arealdy has that scripted, try searching for Hexa quest and CheckTime function.
  14. admiral cloak admiral cloak by xero and verax

    @Ximboliex Let he find it, lol gay bitch!
  15. admiral cloak admiral cloak by xero and verax

    Console well explained need about the error. Line 54, near ")" parentheses: if (file_exists)(Cloaks.DB) == false) then ur error located here, try finding it and reply here. Note: np++ can easily identify that, put cursor near parentheses, if it red it's bcz missing one or u added other and didn't closed.