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  1. Faller

    dupes clones etc

    Yup, that's it, actually, type: &lua_all maintenance=true ^ that way you'll kick players from all GameServers Players won't be able to use, only you have access to &lua/&lua_all commands.
  2. Faller

    dupes clones etc

    Yea, simply add something like this to your char_timer: if maintenance then KickCha(role) end Then when you're ready to make a maintenance, simply do "&lua maintenance=true". You can also add other conditions, like don't kick players who are GM, or don't kick X name. Ps.: Don't forget to add the following line to variables.lua: maintenance = false
  3. Faller

    Stalls off HELP

    You need to buy it from one of the developers. The ones I know are @V3ct0r and @Totoka.
  4. Faller

    Maximum gold in inventory

    You need to add into Temporary Bag (GiveItemX).
  5. Faller

    Quest Record

    It seems like your issue is here: You've set the flags in this sequence: 10 -> 50 -> 70 So basically, it needs to be 65571 -> 65575 -> 65577
  6. Faller

    Quest Record

    It can be anything. :P Records have nothing to do with quests, they are only used to do what it literally says, "record". It stores in the database that the determined record have been done. Do like I do: I have a list of all records in use and in what, it took me a while to list all of them, but it made my life way easier now.
  7. Faller

    Quest Record

    I'm talking about the Record, not quest. :P The "Record" number can be different than the quest ID. The limit for quests is 10k I think. Regarding increasing the limit, there's probably a way through hexing, but sadly I don't really know how to do it. :/ Perhaps you can try your luck with V3ct0r or others who do hexing work, there might be a way. If you find it, please let me know! It will help me a lot.
  8. Faller

    Quest Record

    From what I can see, your record number is too high (6555), I think the limit is 2k or 3k (not quite sure, you can test). Try this: MisBeginCondition(NoRecord,1000) .... MisResultAction(SetRecord,1000)
  9. Faller

    how to install GM System extinson

    Hello, can you provide the code of this "GMSystem"? That way we can read it and find out what's wrong. Cheers!
  10. Faller

    game exe ram using

    I see, thanks for the info! I never knew they used that much memory. Good thing I've been removing all unused items from my iteminfo. :) But even considering this quantity, I don't think we'd ever achieve such a huge decrease, after all, the only bins that are actually modified are iteminfo, character info, sceneceobj - the others only a few lines...
  11. Faller

    game exe ram using

    Gracias! Guess we have the answer to this thread.
  12. Faller

    game exe ram using

    Exactly what I mean! I didn't bother checking, but I think that's what happens...
  13. Faller

    game exe ram using

    That's also another great option! But it's kinda impossible to only be changes to the bin limits. I know v3ct0r also mentioned that they must have done changes to the source code, and they surely did, they have some features we have never seen in other servers. But even though, it's a really BIG change to the memory usage. I think most of the textures (UI, terrain floor, etc...) are loaded to memory at boot up, they must have optimized it by changing things like that - only loaded when necessary.
  14. Faller

    game exe ram using

    Even changing that, I can't imagine this whole change to the memory usage... I mean, it might help with a few megabytes, but decrease it by more than 10x? @ahmad have you checked the memory usage for PKO after you opened it? I mean, right after you open it. My best bet is that you already had these clients open for sometime and system redirected unsued memory to Virtual Memory to free space.
  15. Here's my version of it: The differences are: It will also return 1 if the position is exactly the one required (in e1mer's version it will only return 1 if it's bigger than, I think it was mentioned by the 2nd commenter, but I can't understand anything in Russian). You won't need to enter precise coordinates with the last 2 numbers, for example: 100.00,100.00 will become 100,100 because it's multiplying by 100. It will work for ships (his script returns 0 if ChaIsBoat). Doesn't need to specify map. This could go bad depending on how you're calling it, so it goes from how you write your scripts.