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  1. Hello world! I buy the System Guild Bank. If anyone knows, please contact me. Thank you.
  2. Hello Joker, I need one service, you help me?

    I pay for service.


    I need change the limit apparel fusion.


    Actually: 4999-6999

    To: 4999-7999



    1. Edilson


      My Game Version is 1.36

  3. Help with effects

    Does anyone know which tool I should use to edit effects? - .par - .eff - .tga I'm trying to create some effects, but I do not know which tool is used. Thank you.
  4. Ring Fusion help!

    Hello! I have a question, can anyone help me how to do a function to merge the Ring? I need fusion Ring Unseal to Ring Apparel... Thank you!
  5. Player Marriage Help me!!

    Why this error? npc[High Priest]script info manage function [NpcProc]transfer failed! It's all set up, but when I click Marry's option, it gives this error. Can someone help me?
  6. Service Hex

    Hello, Someone who works with Hex, could contact me? I am in search of these services: * Remove the limit of apparel fusion or change the IDs. Please, send message to me. I Pay for services, thank you!
  7. IGShop - Can someone help me?

    Thanks alot @Adrian
  8. I need this IGShop, could anyone help me?
  9. Kong, Why do I shoot MISS at Stun all the time? Every time I'm going to stun the enemy, just give it a miss!?

    1. KONG


      Ive never encountered... Please provide screenshot.

  10. Shako! help me? 

    nice to meet you! I need your help. How can I prevent these types of attacks from my virtual machine? This type of attack causes my machine to send 5k of emails to the system, that is, it works by itself. Causing them to block my machine hosting my TOP server. Can you help me? What should I do?



    1. Shako


      that is something usual. your problem is most likely somewhere else.

  11. Help Help me!

    How can I avoid these types of attacks? I have problem !! They are attacking my server
  12. Bro! I need buy your exes! I have atacks =(

  13. Hi! I need help to create my site ! I have problem =/

  14. I need buy  your Exes bro

    1. V3ct0r


      What files are you interested in?

    2. Edilson


      Exes support +100 maps, items, mobs, npcs...

    3. V3ct0r


      Write me in Skype vector.nesterov