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  1. How to edit the game.exe

  2. Sexy Girl playing pko!!!

    well in my opinion i dont care if zanka is god or bad hes server is a old style and is good, and his attitude is like every admin dosent matter how much money you spend the same shit happends in every game and you totally killed bro
  3. Sexy Girl playing pko!!!

    idk what happend i thin she change the name by accident
  4. Sexy Girl playing pko!!!

  5. Sexy Girl playing pko!!!

    please check again :D
  6. Sexy Girl playing pko!!!

    you killed
  7. Sexy Girl playing pko!!!

    WTF!! a sexy girl playing pko - zanka on twitch lolz can some one recomend her a good server please ...
  8. Official TOP

    do you remember the domain???
  9. Mail System[Addon]

    well i am a little slow but can you put a specific guie how to install or use
  10. How to edit the game.exe

    Hello to all i wanted to know how to edit the game.exeto translate to other language with out using HEX
  11. EncDecTool

    same question
  12. StringSet.bin Decrypter/Decompiler

    Thanks alot @V3ct0r
  13. Alfa or Beta PKO?

    yes i am not making promotion but i found this chinese server
  14. Alfa or Beta PKO?

    i have been triying to google and find in something on some chinese sites and i found some chinese servers that are online and some old websites