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  1. Masuka00

    Fastpanel tricks

    Hi! in case someone has not been able to operate the extra bar Trick 1. Enable third state dosent work, when using it disconnects you. Only the Tab that will change from the first bar to the second will work. The F1 through F12 buttons will work correctly, and the six bar will work by clicking the mouse. Here is a guide on how it worked for me in the right order. In case you cannot find the Hex lines or main lua, it is because when you copy a line of code here from the forum there is an error in the code. Example: lua Example: Here I leave a link to Pastebin with the clean code lines Click Here
  2. Masuka00

    Mail System[Addon]

    well 3 years later and i lost the file does any one has it? please and thanks
  3. Masuka00

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    EDIT: i had the same problem, dosent work with oldd accounts on databse need to create a new one, well that worked for me
  4. Masuka00

    Kill mobs and earn money

    @mkhzalehhow to see the extrasymbols on the notepad++?
  5. Masuka00

    Item Script

    Thanks I'll take a look
  6. Masuka00

    Kill mobs and earn money

    I got this but i figure out The is something between well I know that many already know what I mean but I comment in case anyone wanted to know and can you tell the difference? If someone out there is just as lazy like me who only copies and pastes and then comes to say why the scrip does not work , take the time to inspect every detail, I just say it in a good way. And thank you very much for the scrip code, I had not reviewed it until today to take away the doubt, but it took me almost 1 hour to realize my mistake, I have been in the forums for years but this of the scrip codes is not my thing. Again, thank you very much
  7. Masuka00

    Item Script

    Could someone help me with a script, to open a window with text by clicking a certain item, the idea is to make a item book and that its content can be seen in a dialogue window, not in the description. I remember that someone had helped me with that script but it was like in 2014 on serverdev. Thanks in Advance...
  8. Masuka00

    Updater top1 & music crash

    well i found the solution for the music crash, i remember that i read here on the forum that the problem was in system folder and i download the .dll files from 2008 https://t.ly/Ame5K the download includes .dll files, oog music, and musicinfo.lua
  9. Masuka00


    I am using the radmin vpn ip and worked good, maybe there is something worng with the ip on server files, you need to remove the on files and put the radmin ip
  10. Masuka00

    Kill mobs and earn money

    its posible to add more monsters id separated with , ?
  11. Masuka00

    Updater top1 & music crash

    Hi to all, i am searching fot the top1 patcher style, i try to find in forum but no luck and i saw a year ago about the way to fix music crash on client, if some one could give me some info help please thank you very much for your time and merry christmas and happy new year
  12. Masuka00

    How to edit the game.exe

  13. Masuka00

    Official TOP

    do you remember the domain???