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  1. superNL

    [Web Service] Offline Stall

    Tested it last weekend, it's work like a charm!
  2. superNL

    Item Mall - Laravel

    This look really nice, thanks for the share!
  3. superNL

    How to create server on Linux

    First of all thank you for the tutorial, I feel more at home in a Linux environment than a Windows. However, I have a few questions for you. Would it perhaps be possible to provide download links? For example, from the SQL server 2000 you used? Is there a special reason why Arch linux was chosen? I feel more at home on a Debian environment.
  4. superNL

    [Game] Name A Country

  5. Really big vouch for this guy, legit seller with great support & great server files!
  6. Really thank for all the help guys, problem is fixxed. A little problem with patching client, needed to path ServerSet.bin as well.!
  7. Thanks for replying, I've used WireShark to capture my packets when logging in, however it did not log any connection as destination IP my VPS IP. However if I try to use wiresark when logging in on an other private server it will show the IP adres and port number. I don't know with what kinda settings I can still capture lost packets in wireshark.(maybe my fault:$) Thanks for reminding me for firewall, closed the other ones.
  8. Thanks for all your help, unfortunately still the same problem apears. I already did what you suggested, see picture below for proof: Also I tried if my ports are really opened with a simple port listener tool, port 1973 is opened: I'm using customized server files, a clean client.exe won't work and will directly shutdown. Any other suggestions maybe?
  9. Thanks for reply again, So I've visited canyouseeme.org and there was the same IP I used in the first setup, I replaced it all back but still does not work. Contacted Contabo and they confirmed that all of the ports are opened. Any suggestions left?
  10. thanks for your reply: *Like I said all ports should be opened according to this message, but it's a message from 2013, don't know if they still have the same policies. I don't know if there are any other members who are using the services from Contabo who can validate this for me or recommend any programs to check it manually? * I've put as IP in [ToClient] from gameserver.cfg and changed the IP in all the other cfgs to still same problem. (and I would love to access my server externally, Than I need to use ipv4 adresse right?)
  11. Hello community of PKODEV, Like the title says, When I try to log (externally) in the game client I will get the message "connection failed" - Like the title says I'm using the vps service from Contabo, I don't have any experience with their services but I've read at a forum all ports should be opened, correct me if I'm wrong. - I already searched on this forum and came across this post in a similar thread, I've followed the instructions and opened port 1973 and 1971 in my inbound rules from Windows Firewall. - Like I said I'm hosting a VPS service, I used as IP-adresse in my config files( account, game, gate and groupserver.cfg) the same IP-adress as I log in with MSTSC(remote desktop), I dubble check it with cmd --> ipconfig. and here is my gateserver config file(if other needed as well just ask): I hope this will be enough information and hope that someone had got the same problem and know how to fix it. PS: keep up the good work in this forum, I think it's the number one place for PKO/TOP development & sorry for bad English.