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  1. Google translate: это круто, я играл еще одну игру давно. Во всяком случае, произошло такое событие: Событие начинается один раз в день. Каждый зарегистрированный игрок, который находится в сети, будет телепортирован на карту, которая является квадратной. Почти полностью средняя часть карты - две цветные. Конечно, в углах есть некоторые специальные вещи, поэтому карта выглядит лучше, а половина карты - НЕТ ответа, а половина из карты - Да. Когда событие запущено, возникают случайные вопросы об игре или что-то еще, время, в которое отвечает тот же день, даже темой ответа. когда вы отвечаете неправильно, вы будете телепортированы из области, чтобы посмотреть, как это происходит с другими, если вы хотите это увидеть. поэтому, когда осталось всего 3 игрока, все они получат приз, но последний из них получит высокий выигрыш. Я надеюсь снова увидеть эту карту в любой игре, и теперь она может быть в верхней части. Спасибо, что вы наслаждаетесь идеей карты. English: this is cool, i was playing one other game long time ago. Anyway there had an event like this: Event start once a day. Every registration players that are online will teleported in map that is square. Almost entirely middle part from the map is two colored. Of course in corners are some special stuffs so map looks better and half of map is NO answer and half from map is Yes answer. When event is started there is random questions about the game or anything else, its just how the that day even theme is also answering is timed. when answer wrong you will be teleported out from the area to look how it go with others if you like to see. so when there is only 3 players left they will all get prize but last one ofc get high prize. i hope to see this map again in any game and now in top its possible. Thanks your time enjoy the map idea
  2. Onioni

    Extract gems

    What gem is not working then?
  3. Onioni

    Tales of Pirates Services

    Guild bank images not working and few others..http://imgur.com/RKBv9vQ
  4. Onioni

    Map editor error

    Do not use cameratweak if you have that many objects.
  5. Onioni

    website IGS Points

    This is about how i did this, tho i'm not sure if there is all that needed This in index case 'getcrystals' : in tpl {$user.cryst} class.account public static function GetCrystals() { $Account = $_SESSION['aid']; $GetPts = doQuery("SELECT Money FROM AccountInfo WHERE accID=".$Account , DATABASE_TRADE); $row = mssql_fetch_array($GetPts); return $row['Money']; } inc.config $config['db']['Trade'] = array( 'host' => 'NS528477\SQLEXPRESS', 'db' => 'TradeDB', 'user' => 'TunnusWjaTjaS10', 'pass' => 'OkgiXoMZ%BdA' ); $connections = array( 'game' => false, 'account' => false, 'Auction' => false, 'Trade' => false inc.functions 'pts' => Account::GetPoints(), 'cred' => Account::GetCredits(), 'mac' => Account::FindMacAddress(), 'refpts' => Account::GetReferred(), 'cryst' => Account::GetCrystals(),
  6. Onioni

    Flag PK Map Project

    Sorry, not worth to re-make that map(I mean cause it have already made once). And this project is not even close cotf. On this flag map project are flags on floor, there is flag's on both site and third flags in middle of the map and noone of them are at any team. Thats how it looks when map start. Btw keep this topic on the project please.
  7. Onioni

    Admiral Cloak

    You need add it in fairy posse script to refresh it same way then it refresh possession. Sorry im not im pc, i don't have script ...
  8. Onioni

    Flag PK Map Project

    Bump! It's old post but i think map would be great if there is few people to help on it. Anyone have idea for good algorithm to make fair teams? One way is ofc that to every player/class has it own balances stat that in variable can be easily modifly. Also need map designer but that is not yet important. Ps. Read previous post.
  9. Onioni

    The Story Of Mine

    When you worked for me Sad that you released my files for free with another peoples custom stuffs on it. Said this cause you talking about trust. (I'm laboe aka lari mähönen in fb)
  10. Onioni

    Registration script with rankings

    ZendServer-8.5.3-php-5.6.18-Windows_x86.exe 150.0 MB there is one version if you have problem to download it from zend site
  11. Onioni

    Admiral Cloak

    you can add in pet script if cape slot cape true refresh cape stat..
  12. Onioni

    sand time

    You can find that script in pko2.4-2.7 files but to get it working on 1.3x you have to edit it a bit.
  13. Onioni

    New Website

    Working on new website, anyone interested? Adding it on upgraded muonline website, 20%-40% of core is ready. Now account panel is only working. but gonna finish this and well i started it today... ps:sorry bad paint editing
  14. Onioni

    Reqarding RU Webshop

    Do you have that tabs in database?
  15. Onioni

    IGS rep/credit -> Crystals

    you need third party program made by(xero) or editing exes. ask @V3ct0r more about exe edits.