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  1. hey pro iwant buy hosting webite and  hot server ihave roblem donot want to do my order

  2. [1.0.0] topCMS

    I would like to mention that in the case when the server is unable to connect, the password and username of MSSQL user is displayed in PDO error message. something that should be patched. P.S. The clean design looks superb
  3. Auto Farm

    or use a coin if you want to howl
  4. Cargo Trade error

    i have experienced the same problem as well. @V3ct0r
  5. skilleffect: stealth something like this should do the trick. if map == xxx then return 0 end
  6. could close this, i have found a map maker.
  7. Force Disconnect in ACCOUNT

    what server files are you using? @Keuvyn T. to solve this problem a different way, you can add these lines into your function cha_timer before doing a restart. if GetGmLv == 0 then KickCha ( role ) end this will make sure every character is kicked before the server kicks it due to disconnection.
  8. I think that is a nice tool to edit code instead of the built-in notepad =)
  9. Game Editor - Impassable Area

    i think the obj only puts in the objects, the block is not there, it is from the server side. so players cannot tweak a map to pass walls like a wall-hack.
  10. Game Editor - Impassable Area

    it is the .blk file on the server side.
  11. Game Editor - Impassable Area

    i think this is what experienced map developers do.. they actually plan these blocks and then place objects on them afterwards. got to give them the credits for putting up with this >.< (correct me if I'm wrong, I do not work much with map creation =P)
  12. @Eligigi should finally pay my hosting before he looks for scripters.
  13. Decompiling characterinfo.bin

    maybe it depends on the characterinfo.bin you used? @Jap