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  1. Jakku

    Making my server first time

    Now that I see your screenshot well... It says the database file need at least 5MB size. Try change: SIZE = 3072 KB To: SIZE = 5120 KB
  2. Jakku

    Making my server first time

    Use these Databases In this order: 1) AccountServer.sql 2) GameDB.sql 3) Guild.sql Note: Check if the databases were already created. If so, delete them before using the .sql files
  3. Jakku

    Making my server first time

    You're welcome, it's nice to help!
  4. Jakku

    Making my server first time

    You can see it in the 3rd screenshot. I just added it. Anyway I think you can do it in configuration manager too.
  5. Jakku

    Making my server first time

    Hm, try this: 1) Login using Windows authentication. 2) Enter Server Properties. 3) Go to Security Tab. 4) In Server authentication. Check SQL Server and Windows authentication mode. 5) Restart SQL Server service.
  6. Jakku

    Making my server first time

    Password is wrong. Try using Windows authentication. Then, change the password of your 'top' user.
  7. Jakku

    Adding items to IGS?

    Item added screenshot
  8. Jakku

    Adding items to IGS?

    I haven't seen any guide in the forum. But I did this short guide for you. First you have to add items and then add the store. About the begin time, you have to write it in that format. For example: If you want to put November 5, 2020 at 17:30. You will put 20201105173000 (Last 2 numbers are seconds) I hope I could explain myself well, I'm not very good at English.
  9. Jakku

    Adding items to IGS?

    Hi! You can use TradeTools.exe Look these:
  10. Jakku

    Updater top1 & music crash

    Hi! TOP1 updater source code can be found in the v1.3x src files. In a folder named "updatesys_kop"
  11. Jakku

    Fixing Pet Skills Bug

    It works well now. Thank you.