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  1. deguix

    How to create server on Linux

    hmm, you're right, I forgot the download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=22661 well, I'm used to Arch Linux - the instructions should basically be the same in others, except you would use a different package system. I made the guide more neutral, mentioned that wine and winetricks need to be installed first, and mentioned the MS SQL 2000 download link.
  2. deguix

    Programming Task

    I didn't study in university, but you should definitely read about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_leak, one of the most common mistakes in programming. About brute-force... well... it would make sense, except why then would K=10 be almost the same time as K=0?
  3. deguix

    PKO 1.38 Files Add Ons

    No, the fix for the music is downloading the defopenal32.dll from 4 of may of 2009. The one that comes with every server files come with 18 of august of 2008, and is bugged! Any version newer than that will crash game. Even the latest top2 client came with old dll! EDIT: Then again, old versions were all deleted from the main website. Might as well post it here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q7ewtlh03BpMsDZ3FEPIX1Lk5P_tBwi2 EDIT #2: As far as I can remember, it belongs to a higher minor revision. Basically the past got deleted.
  4. deguix

    Maximum gold in inventory

    No, it's not possible. You should use the workaround someone else suggested. The best that is possible is this: Init_Attr.lua: SetChaAttrMax( ATTR_GD , 2000000000 ) -- ½ðÇ® change that to: SetChaAttrMax( ATTR_GD, (2^31)-1) The true maximum is 2147483647.
  5. deguix

    PKO 2.4 Server Source Code [VS2017]

    well I did release the src code with top-recode at https://gitlab.com/deguix/top-recode/. Its based on the modified src from top2 files. I just didn't bother to make a post yet, or even to update after that ;/. It includes source for both client and server (except trade server). The reason that I didn't mention it yet is because I didn't fix a major bug that prevents showing of some effects (like the intense magic).
  6. deguix

    Computer Science vs Software Engineering

    From wikipedia: It's theory (or an art) vs practical (what companies really want).
  7. deguix

    Noterius - project of emulator PKO

    Why do you have to close it? Can't you just abandon it instead? Closing (equivalent to deleting) something is like losing the past. The whole point of git is having a history. You just don't need to look at it.
  8. deguix

    Regarding source codes....

    Luajit is already implemented. The lua code was already adapted to luajit. Basically I converted pko2.7 mod and my client mod to use luajit. EDIT: Fixed compile_src.bat, so now the project can be used.
  9. deguix

    Regarding source codes....

    I was thinking of just using ffi. I just didn't do it yet because I was still trying to make the game work. Luabridge has some limits that don't work too well (ran out of time).
  10. deguix

    Regarding source codes....

    Making it 64bits will allow it to use more memory and won't clog the same memory other 32bits apps use. The problem at the moment is luajit having a 1gb max memory on 64 bits, which will cause issues, so it's not a high expectation. Now for hyperthreading - I don't think I want to go that far for such an old game. If you think this game is too slow for you then you should buy a new computer - I did and I don't regret it. Now if someone else wants to patch it with it go ahead. Hyperthreading is not simple to do. The source is really big.
  11. deguix

    Regarding source codes....

    No not yet. For the issues: the skill effects are still missing, all models disappear on graphics system options change. The todo: Basically remove the bin/txt files and make them lua with ffi, develop the default mod more (which is disabled at the moment), complete the pt_BR translation, get some of the game systems into lua like the item type UI (which is hard coded still, but shouldn't), make src 64bits so as to compile on linux. There should be more but lack of time is really problematic.
  12. deguix

    Regarding source codes....

    I finally merged the source code into my project here: https://gitlab.com/deguix/top-recode. Right now it's using pko_2.7 server scripts and my client scripts. I'm just not going to make a thread on it yet because I just ran out of time for this week. The whole project contains everything.
  13. deguix

    Regarding source codes....

    You mean, the source code that was released as the 1.x here (and on that file leak site), but then binary matched. I didn't put it at repo first because I was in doubt if I could fix the most grotesque bugs (ones that prevent playing the game). So far I couldn't find a good binary to do binary matching with.
  14. deguix

    Regarding source codes....

    I've been attempting to fix the codes too, but I'm still stumped on 3 big ones, that's why I didn't release what I have so far. I guess I'll just release it as is then as soon as possible. I just need to make a compilation on all changes I made into commits. My files are based on the changed client/server files from 2.x. Doesn't pko run the source based on 1.38 files?
  15. deguix

    Monster Animation & Texture

    Well, textures files are specified in the model files. You might want to hex it and search for string ".tga" and you'll find the texture it uses.