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  1. Totoka

    Database(lottery system) problem

    Hello @saa0d, Seems like the LotterySetting table is missing, OR it doesnt have the correct fields. If you're using 2.0+ server files, this is the query being executed behind that error: "select section from LotterySetting (nolock) where 1=2"
  2. Totoka


    Hi @maticsito123, try to look for some useful information within your log files. You could guess it without any help, just pay attention to what you got there
  3. Totoka

    Delete Plz

    Hi @BlackBarba, extender.dll - A patch loader that I created among tons of patches (.cfg files). BTI.DLL - MOLI billing library (i guess) May I know where did you get it? Based on its library name and this thread date i can guess it. However, would be great if you could confirm it. Andres,
  4. Totoka

    Game Version / Exes

    Hi @FapFap, May I ask if you are using this tool against your GateServer.exe? Are you able to check your GateServer.cfg?
  5. Hi @Simon, here a simple tool to expose 'your' work: https://ngrok.com/ docs: (so, there is no excuse) https://ngrok.com/docs#expose and lastly an small definition that you may wanna read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leech_(computing)
  6. Hi @Riizq, would you mind if I put this here? https://contabo.com/?show=vps It has some bad reviews, BUT based in my experience they provide a good service.
  7. Totoka


    Hello @yosf, you can also buy a LINUX VM (SSD) which is even cheaper, and later turn it into any Windows OS through they rescue tool using templates of your choice, there should be some guides about it on google. here 1: https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/112692/updated-windows-on-ovh-vps-ssd AND, be aware these OS templates are done by an unknown person, you might want to use your own OR be sure that they're clean, because there might be something like a trojan. + IF you are going to do something like that, I would use an old Windows OS like 2k3 they are tagged as unsafe. but they wont use ram and disk at all, so you can take an advantage on these resources. Finally, take in mind that a VM normally has some shared resources like the network speed and IOPS, so this may cause lag.
  8. Totoka

    [HELP] increase the code caves

    Hello @GustavoHMA, What do you mean by? More space to write code ? Create a new section on your executable/binary, then jump into it, and back within a conditional/jump. If there is no space to create the jump(jmp 0x00XXYYZZ), cut the code and past it on your new section. The new section can be created manually or just use a software like stud_PE Then: open > Sections > [ Right Click ] > New Section RawSize: the size that will be added into the file (static data/code). VirtualSize: memory allocation to hold this new section ( should be equal/greater than the RawSize ) About the Characteristics, depends on how u gonna use it, if will be using it just for code: [X] CODE [X] MEM_EXECUTED [X] MEM_READ ? BTW, OllyDBG is kinda old, outdated and I think was discontinued ( not sure about this last part ) I'm currently using x64dbg (one that I can recommend, has also an x86/x32 version)
  9. Totoka

    RPG Game

    Hello @Rinor Game Design : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_design Game Engines : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engines ( it has not the full list, but would helps anyways ). First of all, an small suggestion, if you are planning to code it at first, that is the wrong way, there should be always at least a pre-design ( unless you want to create a crap-game/dummy ). Write a document using all these incoherences that comes to your mind ( this gonna be a game, shouldn't have anything to do with the *real world* ). Your team (if any, and recommended for any kind of game development) requires to have an idea of what are you trying to create without having to be asking every 5 seconds. Choosing a Game Engine ( if so ), read the documents that each one has, each game engine is just different, not better than others. For example, if you want to create an MMORPG, and the game engine of your choice is UE4(Unreal Engine 4), then you will end up rewriting a whole networking subsystem for your client and servers. ( you can't use the one that is already build-in for FPS/RTS games, would be a waste of resources ). This is also part of your game engine ( if you gonna use any of them ), otherwise go ahead and reinvent the wheel. Game Engines that I already used ( As Programmer/Developer ) that I can recommend you right now: Defold ( 2D ) Cocos2d-x ( 2D ) GameMaker Studio ( 2D ) Oxygine ( 2D ) Unity (2D - 3D) Unreal Engine (2D - 3D) I'm totally agree with the fact that c++ has a nice performance ( is not better than C old-style, but it is great ), shouldn't pay attention into that unless there are some real performance issue. These days having a performance issue is too fucking weird (yeah, it also depends on how bad the code can be written, and the language has nothing to do here). Should be fine even using an old (5-8 years) or low quality machine. So, the language should be the one you like. If you are planning to go crazy and expend your life on just a single game, of course you can write a whole 3D model by hand, even the whole game without using libraries or frameworks, textures, animation can also be written by hand =). Otherwise using some tools like blender, 3Dmax, MAYA and so on will help you a lot, same for the game coding/logic. If you have no experience in the field, ^ this is a must, you should learn the basic by creating a simple game first (the common workflow). BTW, a 2D game doesn't mean simple, it is just a bit less complex than any 3D ( of course, it would depends on the game design ). Good luck =)
  10. Totoka

    Website doesn't load

    Hello @Satan, happy new year too! ^ The website is running, probably with errors ( as mentioned in above comments ). I'll recommend you to read the apache logs (error.log), an error line will give you a clue about which php version might be the correct to run it; otherwise just try an old php version, like 5.0 ~ 5.1.6.
  11. Totoka


    Hello @Rinor https://ufile.io/3cd50 Hope you like my swings =)
  12. Totoka

    Change files by secure website

    Hello @Tera, Why not this ?
  13. Totoka

    Security web and server

    Hello, in addition to @wolfenx message, check for any of these functions listed below within your php files (note, these functions are dangerous when they are wihin an user input, otherwise they are just fine): eval: evaluates an string as php code system: executes a program shell_exec: executes a command exec: executes a program ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Also sql queries, but that's just normal within most shared sites. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- listed functions below are probably within your php files on your website, don't worry at all unless you know that there could be a hole(an user input). include include_once require require_once for more info: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Path_Traversal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^ there are probably more, these are most that I can remember right now ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If someone is interesed to read more about security stuff: This will be your `must`: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:Vulnerability
  14. Hello Rinor! here some lines from Game.exe, literally. ^ note: They are Windows style lines, hope you don't mind.
  15. Totoka

    Items With Expiration

    Hey faller, and what about using something like this? > Lineage 2: https://l2wiki.com/Items#Shadow_Items ~ Flag the item as non repairable, and when equipped just countdown its duration.