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  1. Como crear o diseñar autopatcher

  2. Auto Updater [program]

    Thanks @mangojkee
  3. Auto Updater [program]

    Link broken @mangojkee
  4. PKO 2.4 Server Source Code [VS2017]

    then it will not be able to carry out the release and fix of the Client or is there hope?
  5. PKO 2.4 Server Source Code [VS2017]

    Yes!! Sr please Client Too, we will start a new era of TOP / KOP thanks to its unbearable help
  6. [Request] Game.exe and GS.exe iteminfo address

    lol Delete post
  7. Hi PKODev, anyone have the inteminfo address for Game.exe and GS.exe 2.4 Thanks.
  8. Hosting server from home

    Give me your discord user o find me Ximboliex#2060
  9. Hosting server from home

    You need edit your server.tx in client side "scripts/txt/server.tx" and serverset.txt(you need compile serverset.txt and put bin in client and server side).
  10. IGS rep/credit -> Crystals

    Yes but.. that is a complement of the modified game.exe next to the script.
  11. Compatiable Serialize.lua for Pko 2.4

    Hello! @Vang Click Here
  12. Problem with daily prize

    The problem is solved, after the last one as of your post

    Map off
  14. hello Ximboliex, you answered me on my post, btw does mysql 2000 work on windowns 10? im triying but i keep getting accountgame server hangout when i open it

    1. V3ct0r


      Why not use MSSQL 2014/2016 Express?

    2. soilder12


      idk how to configure it, atm ima use a host with windows 8 or windows 7