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  1. Ximboliex

    In Game Shop (To Fall Check) Help

    Cilent Not In Allow List. Cilent To Fall Check(SND). this error
  2. Ximboliex


    Tipico de Vos..
  3. Ximboliex

    Program for fixing a bug with Swings

    @V3ct0r ilove you, really good Work
  4. Estas?

    1. Ximboliex


      Si, Que onda we:v :x

    2. Ximboliex


      Ecribeme a mensajes directos respondo mas rapido... Discord o Whatsapp :)

  5. Ximboliex

    GM панель

    @V3ct0r can you traslate that tools please?
  6. Hi, PKODev Community Please I need help whit the sceneobjinfo limit the limit now is 801 any have the hex address for increase it? Thank's a lot @V3ct0r @KONG
  7. Ximboliex

    Como crear o diseñar autopatcher

  8. Ximboliex

    Auto Updater [program]

    Thanks @mangojkee
  9. Ximboliex

    Auto Updater [program]

    Link broken @mangojkee
  10. Ximboliex

    PKO 2.4 Server Source Code [VS2017]

    then it will not be able to carry out the release and fix of the Client or is there hope?
  11. Ximboliex

    PKO 2.4 Server Source Code [VS2017]

    Yes!! Sr please Client Too, we will start a new era of TOP / KOP thanks to its unbearable help
  12. Ximboliex

    [Request] Game.exe and GS.exe iteminfo address

    lol Delete post
  13. Hi PKODev, anyone have the inteminfo address for Game.exe and GS.exe 2.4 Thanks.