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  1. KONG

    change ip in the TOP II Client

    OK. Wrong Caption. It is 2.4
  2. KONG

    GameServer crashing...

    which exploit ?
  3. KONG

    change ip in the TOP II Client

    where did you get these files ? EDIT: I will run more static analysis to check this binary out.
  4. KONG

    GameServer crashing...

    @mkhzalehthat won’t work. as far as I can tell, few years ago, me and billy were searching for ways to overflow gameserver using packets that handle strings. we found out that, adding a player to friend list and using a long string crashed gameserver. Most of which would not even get at the lua controls. now, Idk why people are hacking so much server and asking for money for a fix. If I, vector, klab and the rest were to pull this BS to you all, we’ll be millionaires. So cut the crap or I will pull out the demons.
  5. KONG

    GameServer crashing...

    Ok, This is a overflow from SystemNotice. We found this exploit long ago, but never publish or told anyone. Thanks for report. Will publish fix soon
  6. Only 1.38 with ChatHandler
  7. KONG

    GameServer crashing...

    And, if you report here how they hack, we can fix it and put public release to any hack. Thanks. Use 1.38 files for debug database, use procdump to dump memory before crash so we can analyze.
  8. KONG

    GameServer crashing...

    my discord also spammed with many admins who were hacked by script kiddies. Old and public hacks to crash server and ask for money.
  9. IDK why maps and models are prioritize before the logic and flow of the game. You dont want to use the old maps because it is small, but you are copying them into a new engine obj by obj which also retains the small feeling of it. That was why I suggested just porting to save time. But I vouch for your project and hope you keep us updated. Thanks
  10. I am abit curious. Although this map resembles the darkblue map, it does not quite match exactly, which leads me to believe, each map is redone by hand ? This is alot of work! 1 Suggestion, you could read how mind power reads .map and .obj files, port that into the Esenthel Engine, and resave it to its native formats. - Save time & money. And remaking the map is just a long long process. Essenthel Engine is a good choice, very easy to use and it's default settings for visuals matches classic PKO. Good Job.
  11. KONG

    guild freeze server

    Because there are multiple instances of GameServer, moliyo did direct queries instead in memory (concurrency issues). And doing it in memory, it becomes faster by hundreds of folds. There was also an exploit to hang server by spamming guild packet, leading gameserver to constantly run queries (bad bad). Solutions: - WorldServer.exe (this is a serverside service dedicated to do operations on shared resources) - SyncCall - there is a virtual function inside gameserver, when implemented, packets will require an "ACK" packet before continuation of operation. By this, you would sync guild data inside all GameServer.
  12. KONG


    the function is not bugged (everyone is using it). You just need to pass in a role. And because you check if the monster is dead inside map_run, it runs every second even if sometimes your variable DWboss1 is "null". Better you go do your actions at GetExp_New / GetExp_PKM, if dead == DWboss1 then DWport1 = 1 end and inside map_close: DWboss1 = nil -- note the nil here (one reason why you could be getting the errors
  13. KONG


    write test unit with pcall and "assert"
  14. KONG

    New Exploits?

    on Creat_Cha, loop through the attr of equipment slot 1, if there is suspicious activity, ban the player.
  15. KONG

    Lua Function - Sceneeffectinfo

    Use int ItemFace()