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  1. KONG

    Source Code Features/Concepts Releases

    Honestly, implementing any of these things is a step back in development. LuaSql is also very bad, lua is meant to be the highest level of abstraction yet it is interacting with low level objects like SQL table... introducing more problems than answers. Again, this is an opportunity to introduce new and exciting things to the game, why bother mentioning old things that have already been implemented... Another concept: introducing a lua "userdata" for the data type guild local guild = GetGuildData(<id?>) GuildNotice(guild, "some crazy string to notify that a guildmate have stolen the boss drops") or refactor whole lua system: guild:notice("some crazy string to notify that a guildmate have stolen the boss drops")
  2. KONG

    Community Source Code Development

    Incomplete feature. I think Billy wanted to do some VIP level function where each VIP level unlocks new features to the game (from a marketing perspective).
  3. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    I am surprised not a single person opened issue listing due to wanting to get ahead and to profit. Instead, coming to me with their list of bugs. Why not come together for once and start announcing bugs so everyone can contribute, and make community grow faster than ever? Example of bug report Bug Title: Bug Description: How to replicate: Status (pending / close / open): Author (whoever that fixes it): or improving architecture designs (example): Title: Refactor to MVC design pattern Reason: scalability and maintainability Approach: blahblahblah game improvement perhaps? Title: GuildBank Reason: Improve existing guild functions Approach: SQL table, Open-closed, etc Concerns: concurrency, race, etc very simple... Now, if you are not up for this (most of you), then try to get a copy of source code from @deguix repository and use those instead. It will give you less headache. And someone is willing to write quality code for you, since you are too busy trying to strategize new ways to make your server generate more $. I do not know if his top-recode is also discontinued but you can ask. Again, do not pm/dm me your personal bug list to do for free. Respect those who have studied hard and learned their craft. Sorry for going off topic if not related to CO Source.
  4. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Client is closed-source
  5. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Forgot to mention, use at your own risk. I will not be debugging everyone's source codes (No support given). I just don't have that kind of time. Thanks for understanding.
  6. KONG

    Source Code Features/Concepts Releases

    Dude portal opening time send server time once to client (so client and server can have steady beat), initial date and time of portal (only once). Calculate opening duration at client side so serverside CPU isnt in use. face reconstruction same as hair, but requires different voucher to change the face Yknow, I've always had massive visions to the future of this game but no longer dev But maybe I can contribute here too.
  7. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Just as you continue to do so. You have the ability to make a new thread and talk about you and your client, your guild bank, the freelance that you did, I don’t mind and encourage you to do so. I mentioned you because your name was given to me by Xero. It doesn’t mean this thread is about you. Reason why others I have tag did not make it about them, just very common courtesy. Now, please refrain talking about yourself and focus on the topic. They made public mega.
  8. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Nothing special here about you. Your partner just loves giving you the credits that my team has done. And please, this thread isn’t about you or your friend, it’s about CO source so please refrain from talking about yourself
  9. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Please do so for one week, I will give advice to anyone who needs to compile it and have it running. Please, everyone- ask away on this thread, from compiling to getting the server up, ask me please. For one week starting today, please ask any problem you have, compiling to setting up the source, ask me away!
  10. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Feel free to use CO client (was released few times in beta and delta testing) to connect to server source.
  11. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Can’t release client. Sorry. Until I see public 1.3 client, I will release CO client source. And, These codes have very little meaning to my team. Because CO team was built on knowledge driven people, we don’t care about the codes.
  12. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    I already told you how you can get it. I don’t want your money, wrexor and vector have forwarded all their clients to me for mods, I do not do mods for money because I don’t care about it. what contribution can server source make ? If you do some thinking, you realize that all the function works at server side and client is only visual. Maybe you can take antidupe function, or guild bank, then all you need to do is express it how you want your players to see it at client side. This is to further development (as stated in original thread), not for admins to make money by opening 100 CO clones.
  13. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Client source is not released because of few things: 1) Xero does not have client source (as he was bugging me in discord image above that he wants it so badly) 2) Client src compatible 1.36/1.38 is a service by @Wrexor . You can purchase the source from him and you can post here which features you want from client. CO Client was based off his clean bindiff source Side note: To compile these source, requires Visual Studio 2013. go into Common/ directory, click on each of the common library .sln files and open with VS2013, compile each library one by one. Have a copy of the original 2.0 SRC incase some libraries are missing in the repo. After all common libs are compiled, continue onto the exes.
  14. KONG

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Corsairs Online was a server developed by @KONG @Billy @Wrexor @Mii @Foxseiz @Snre3n Recently, there was a thief who stole the source codes to use it. Many of you already know who he is, @Xeon (also known as: Jared Fry, Xeon, Zeroix, Jay, Xeon97). A very dishonest guy, but it is nothing new to the majority of the community. First, he said he followed my instructions and made his own version of guild bank, but I already knew he doesn't know C++. Then he later said @MouradC / @MouradMS made it. What is done is done, he will continue to spread lies and justify his action, does not concern me. Below, is the repository that CO source resides, this is CO's team (the above) last contribution to PKO Development. https://bitbucket.org/{2e106d14-da36-429f-bac8-f69975e19841}/ Hope this helps the development of PKO/TOP. P.S this is not a thread to bash on the code thief, this is a thread to further the development of PKO and why CO source is released.
  15. KONG

    change ip in the TOP II Client

    OK. Wrong Caption. It is 2.4