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    Ocean Online - Pending.

  2. Is there going to be a wipe after beta phase? Don't want to waste my time in some kind of beta shit
  3. What made me quit is the shit that teleports you away. Was leveling disciples with auto conch, instead of just stoping me from conching after 10 mins, i was teleported away to argent. At first, tought it was a bug, 2nd time just got pissed and decided to quit. That is the worst anti botting shit i've seen to be quite honest, coz i wasnt even afk.
  4. Hey, There was a map released that had all 3 main cities in one map. It was all the mini versions like mirages combined in a single map. Anyone still has this one?
  5. Hey! It's been a while since i worked on any servers. Was trying to set up one on my local machine, got stuck at one part. //AccountServer Configuration [net] listen_port = 1656 listen_ip = //(YOUR IP HERE) 监听IP地址,用于接受GroupServer的连入 [db] dbserver = .\MSSQLSERVER // IP Address Of Server Database db = accountserver // Database Name userid = sa // SQL Security Login passwd = // Password = [bill] enable_bill = 0 enable_passport= 0 // 是否启用billing系统的passport enable_kickuser = 0 //bill_server1 = // //bill_server2 = // [tom] enable_tom = 0 // [gs] GroupServerAndor = GroupServerAndor // 注册的GroupServer账号(格式为:“账号名” = “密码”) GroupServerAndor1 = GroupServerAndor1 // 注册的GroupServer账号(格式为:“账号名” = “密码”) GroupServerAndor2 = GroupServerAndor2 // 注册的GroupServer账号(格式为:“账号名” = “密码”) GroupServerAndor5 = GroupServerAndor5 // 注册的GroupServer账号(格式为:“账号名” = “密码”) GroupServerAndor6 = GroupServerAndor6 // 注册的GroupServer账号(格式为:“账号名” = “密码”) enable_ping = 1 // 与GroupServer是否启用 "Keep Alive" So, this is my account server cfg. Since i'm not using Express edition, i found my service name by running @@servicename, which is MSSQLSERVER DB name does match accountserver, also i removed the password for sa user in my sql. I'm really not sure what i'm doing wrong here. Also, anyone still has the tool to create the password hash to use from the db? Thanks!
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  7. xRazor

    ARM assembley division/multiplication

    In that case i'd be using multiplication instructions, wouldnt i?
  8. Hello, I'm studying programming in ARM assembly and i'm stuck with my homework. I have to write a program, that calculates the sum of arithmetic progression from 1 to n, step is 1. Task seems to be quite easy, but i'm really stuck at the division/multiplication part. I can't use the multiplication instructions, so i guess i have to do it using shift (Kong gave me a hint to go for that one), but i'm failing to do the division part. Could anyone please give me an example with some comments how to do the division/multiplication in ARM assembly? Would appreciate, thank you.
  9. xRazor

    Algorithm optimization

    Hey! Most of you might not remember me, i'm one hell of a old-school guy who used to work alot with top private servers back in privatia and serverdev. I'm the dude who made Castle Wars online. Anyways, i've been away from ToP related stuffs for a while. Been studying computer science. I've got a homework in algorithm optimization. I need to think of an algorithm that can be used in real life situation to solve some kind of a problem and optimize it. I've heard that Molyo was kinda bad in programming so there must be tons of code that can be optimized in the core files. Was wondering if any of you could throw me an idea or code snipet with a description where it is used and why that i could try to optimize? Or just throw me an idea that's not ToP related. For example, an algorithm that is multiplicating two matrix. There are few ways to optimize the original algorithm. Thank you!
  10. xRazor

    What web browser do you use?

    For my daily tasks i'm using firefox just becouse i'm used to it. I'm full time web developer, and of all the browsers that i've tried, i like chromes console the most. I still prefer Firefox over chrome. Well, i've got i5 and 16 gigs of ram, so i can't really feel the difference between chrome and firefox. On my old PC Chrome loved to take tons of my resources, i guess thats why i haven't moved to chrome yet. Also, i was told in university that Edge was made from scratch and it isn't based on the IE anymore, so for the past few months i've been using Edge once in a while. Since i dont use plugins or anything, i must say that i quite like working with the Edge. There are few things that i dont like, like the adress bar that disappears also there are some glitches with console that i've noticed. I dont think i'l ever move to Edge, but i think compared to IE, microsoft did a pretty good job with edge. So, the conclusion: For daily use: Firefox Work: Chrome Just to experiment: Edge