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  1. x3w0r

    Who has hacking programs?

    I do not advise you to ask about anything related hacking here, you will not get an answer and you should not seek an answer. Hacks are being done by many methods and not simple programs everybody can use, requires a brain and logical thinking and knowledge. And it's not even program related, unless you make one for yourself. :)
  2. If you do limit connections on this case, you will limit it to one client/IP, because this is happening on one client.
  3. It is one IP and one client triggering multiple actions (1k/click) at once. As I stated, this happens under certain circumstances and not always and it is a gateserver/gameserver exploit.
  4. Regardless, it can be stopped if the right issue is found on the server executables.
  5. It does not DC. It keeps you logged on both clients. Except that the one that was logged first gets everything disappearing besides chat.
  6. Since I have launched my server, I have been experiencing attacks that a lot of people claim that are coming from mordo.ru developers/owners. And this is done due to a bot logging the same account with a lot of clients (I have tested this when they start their crap, I can log my account on two clients) When the count exceeds 1000 Currently Logged in, the server can no longer let anyone log and disconnects everyone. GroupServer gets cut out, so if you send a world message or a PM you disconnect. We want to know if somebody can help us, we can not afford to keep our server up with large expenses without solving the issue.
  7. x3w0r

    New website compatible with TOP

    Certainly, it is.
  8. x3w0r

    TOP Private Servers now days

    PK server styles are not suited for this game. This game was built to be all vanilla with few modern touches if needed. It is best to develop something that will work long term and create an enjoyable environment for players. As @Verax stated above, Old School style servers are the best and the most ones to last long.
  9. Allow on dbo.safety/TradeDB
  10. You can do that as well by modifying it.
  11. Requires a single modification, however, should do the trick. Credits go to Vasil.
  12. You can downgrade 2.x by removing every update that has been done to them, then you can run at 1.3x version.
  13. x3w0r

    Program for fixing a bug with Swings

    I have an idea to improve this program, but I do not know if it is possible or not since developing programs is not my thing. -Give the program a special list of effects that will be removed (nothing more or less) -Make the program execute the first option Second idea: (I don't know if this is how the program works but...) -IF all sceneeffectinfo.txt effect files are all used and there are ONLY necessary files on it, I suggest making the program require your own sceneeffectinfo.txt so it deletes everything else not included on that list.
  14. x3w0r

    Program for fixing a bug with Swings

    Pretty much any special or custom effect you add to the client after using this program it get's removed.
  15. x3w0r

    database program

    There's a way to convert the program that the databases are using, but would mostly cost a lot of work.