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  1. quad

    How would this go about?

    well, you remove item from inventory and then move it to the temporary bag by using AddItemX function (if I remember correctly). also, there should be a premade function to check if specific item is inside temp bag.
  2. quad

    obtaining patches/player count

    assuming you use pkosite, there's specific cache time set up for online num. as for the updater, we definitely need more info on which one you use as well as your configuration files. btw, if I remember correctly, when using pkosite, gm accounts do not count in (you have to edit sql query).
  3. I can make it for you depending on how much you're willing to pay. My skype.
  4. quad

    Zankza Died irl.

    can't say much in this case, life is an unpredictable thing. RIP Zankza.
  5. quad

    Color Of Names and titles

    photoshop it
  6. quad


    Не стоить верить всему тому, что они пишут спорить и доказывать что-то не буду. пусть будет так, как говорите Вы.
  7. quad


    Не 2x. Когда с ними работал, он писал мне, что нашли 1.38 где-то.
  8. quad

    WebMoney API

    Я ближе к вечеру напишу.
  9. quad

    WebMoney API

    Привет, Было бы неплохо, можно по скайпу, если удобно
  10. Привет! Подскажите, пожалуйста, может кто-то уже делал. Интересует система автоматической оплаты с WebMoney. Я делал такое с PayPal при помощи IPN, а вот как это реализовать через вебмани всё не могу понять.
  11. quad

    New Server

    what type of server would it be worth to work on? to be brief, none of the mentioned (if you're talking about income).
  12. quad

    Can someone help me about this list

    perhaps you'd like to reset the counter back to 0 somewhere?
  13. quad

    Computer Science vs Software Engineering

    Thanks for the provided ideas, comments and explanations. I've applied for 2 SE courses and 3 CS, would have to make the final decision in March.
  14. quad

    Computer Science vs Software Engineering

    eh, anyone?
  15. Hi there guys, As you have probably understood, I'm torn between going for CS and SE. And sadly, I have less than 2 weeks to decide. Wrexor has already given me some pieces of information but still apparently it's not enough to make a proper and thoughtful decision. If anybody studies one of the 2 mentioned courses (or, perhaps, has already finished), an explanation of what are the major differences would be highly appreciated! Thank you. @KONG @Blanquitoh @V3ct0r @LikeAlcohol @Perseus @Danny @Billy @...