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  1. yagura2k

    Can't log into server!

    Did you change the client IP?
  2. yagura2k

    Looking for a pko website.

    I'd reccomend you not to use those websites from the archive.
  3. yagura2k


  4. yagura2k

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    use startgame.bat instead of opening game.exe , and put "start system/game.exe startgame corsairs1" instead of "start system\Game.exe startgame"
  5. yagura2k

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    The GameServer and game.exe doesn't match , use this executables : https://mega.nz/#!YmYgWSbK!EnN3seQyafhfgIvT1K3fe-DcfsT8aD_s1hTQbFlTy3M
  6. yagura2k

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    yeah, https://mega.nz/?fbclid=IwAR25_3kLvV4rxvRW8jvM53AyGbLE1Jc2-NLQeJgjJvXhLAfNIjLH0Tjec9w#!2y5zVI4Y!1NeDdNhlQYfqiMEfkn8VdWefldPgxubiR0mkft0tKF4
  7. yagura2k

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    https://mega.nz/#!5zgxUQYQ!f-DJMffq5tIWsO9aZ1jb9sMBIfNCJUnn0wsbDrCnWe0 password is "One Man Can Change The World"
  8. yagura2k

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    @KONG Can you release the client where you was presenting new argent ? that one is fully updated , atleast game.exe if not full client .
  9. yagura2k

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    People won't even be able to compile the exes.
  10. yagura2k

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    people now will spam wrexor for co client source code , gg
  11. yagura2k

    GameServer crashing...

    I told him to give me time to fix it because I am busy with school , but he refund ,sad
  12. yagura2k

    GameServer crashing...

    Discord : yagura2k#0001
  13. yagura2k


    plz imps!