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  1. yagura2k

    V2 TOP Launcher BACKGROUND

    Yeah true tho , but I saw some people that are already using it for example nectrouler server had it and I think it's still on
  2. yagura2k

    TOP Private Servers now days

    Yea I know but WPD was one of the best PK server
  3. yagura2k

    League of Pirates Online

    That moment when you are so desperate , better you close your server kiddo lmao
  4. yagura2k

    TOP Private Servers now days

    I would open a server like this
  5. yagura2k

    [Game] Name A Country

  6. yagura2k

    Black glow in weapons

    @overcloak http://toperunlimited.droppages.com/ Have a nice day
  7. yagura2k

    What Tales of Pirates on Unity3d would look like

    Keep going , dis is good work
  8. yagura2k

    How did you know about our forum?

  9. yagura2k

    No one will help you if you are not willing to pay?

    Ok guys from now I will help people if i know how to solve their errors , i'll give a try
  10. yagura2k

    No one will help you if you are not willing to pay?

    @V3ct0r Nowadays no one helps you for free , if you don't have money people will not help you , only if someone really don't care about money or helps you because he wants ,you will find those kind of people so hard.. if I want to help i help , if no i will not.. I saw that guy @FapFap posting msgs like "BUMP" "BUMP?!" "anyone?" i told him directly the truth why most of people doesn't help so he don't try hard or maybe forum lacks of people with knowledge who knows... so no hate
  11. yagura2k

    ItemInfo Cache

    Just give up , no one will help you if you are not willing to pay
  12. Client modification that allows you to automatically connect to the server This modification allows you to specify the ip address , port , server version , username and password First Step: You need to download Hex Editor: -https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ Second Step: Open your Game.exe in Hex Editor: Third Step: After you opened your game.exe , you need to click the search option, then replace. -After that you gonna go to Hex values -At the "Search For" line you put : 84 C0 74 17 8B C6 8D 50 01 EB 03 8D 49 00 -Then to 'Replace with' line you put: 84 C0 EB 17 8B C6 8D 50 01 EB 03 8D 49 00 -After that you click ok , Save the file. Fourth Step: After that you go to your client folder then right click startgame.bat and click edit with notepad: -Then you gonna replace "start system\Game.exe" with -After that save the changes. Now the player will not need to enter their username and password: the game now will automatically connect to the server and the player will be directly in the character selection stage.