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  1. 1.38 Version Base Files Development

    @Sk3let0n I guess it would be possible to move everything from LUA to C++, but why would you? It would be time consuming and I'm thinking that it would also make everything a lot harder to make changes to, especially since you would have to recompile source. By embedding LUA in the server/game executables you can add/remove content without having to recompile your executables. At client you can see the convenient use of LUA, making UI very customizable, As for server, take a look inside /resource/script/ folder. LUA is there for a good reason.
  2. SQL 2014 Express setup

    @mastersea This guide is not about pko site, also I don't work with pko site. I can't help you with that.
  3. SQL 2014 Express setup

    @Dean Can you post your error?
  4. SQL 2014 Express setup

    You could try this: Link here Alternatively try doing a repair:
  5. Time taken to open the application

    C++ #include <iostream> #include <time.h> // header for clock() #include <windows.h> // header for sleep() using namespace std; int main() { // Start the timer in the top of main() or winMain() clock_t t = clock(); /*Code block with all code that the program has to run before starting*/ Sleep(5000); /*End of code block*/ // Get the time taken to start t = clock() - t; cout << "Time taken to start in seconds: " << ((float)t) / CLOCKS_PER_SEC << endl; return 0; } I hope this is what you were looking for.
  6. [QUESTION] Restore.exe

    @Ximboliex You can download it from Foxseiz's archive,!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g!DAFTSaQQ In Tools folder, 'Restore.rar'
  7. Compile Error

    Could you tell me what you did to solve it?
  8. Compile Error

    No, you should be able to compile it with your client. I've just tested with TOP 1.38 client, does not work. You'll need to remove items from your iteminfo, or find a game.exe with higher iteminfo limit.
  9. Compile Error

    It does compile with PKO II client.
  10. Compile Error

    Yes, and no, that is not good. EDIT: Which client are you using? Can you post your iteminfo.txt? Put it in a spoiler please.
  11. Compile Error

    Restore your iteminfo.txt from wherever you got it, server files I would guess. Put it in client/scripts/table. create a new text document in your client folder, paste this in your new text document: start system\game.exe startgame table_bin Click 'File' -> 'Save As..' -> File Name: Compile.bat (NOT Compile.bat.txt ). Now run Compile.bat, wait until a window pop up that say "generate binary system list ok!".
  12. Compile Error

    Compile with your client instead,
  13. SQL 2014 Database

    Is your database on D:/ ? Try with C:/ And make sure it's not in Read-Only mode, also follow @TheSamurai 's advice, run as administrator. EDIT: It could also be that you don't have user permission to the files, you can change this by: right click db file -> Properties -> Security -> Select Windows User -> Press Edit -> Tick 'Full Control' -> Apply.
  14. SQL 2014 Database

    Post an image on your error.