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  1. Snre3n

    Corsairs Online Client Source Code

    @GustavoHMA Try building a simple C++ program ( Hello World) to see if that works. @Fritt If the issue is because of mismatch of common folder - diff & patch until they match.
  2. Snre3n

    Corsairs Online Client Source Code

    This should now compile, and run with provided client in OP. I have also written quick guides for each "step" in the process, I hope these will help the unexperienced to get started.
  3. Snre3n

    Corsairs Online Client Source Code

    Planning to re-upload files that should compile. I just snagged the files quickly and it seems like it did cause a few problems.
  4. With @KONG 's consent, CO Client source is being released. VS2003 instructions: 1) Download: Visual Studio 2003: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19PsTGwXYTUiCSq8ilw7DBAyy8pfIhKfU/view 2) Extract 3) Run to "Visual Studio 2003\Visual Studio .NET 2003Setup-NoPrereq.bat" Build Source: 1) Download: https://mega.nz/file/xkZCSABT#WUt1EbIX_oj8UDFIVUJLVt0scpqXO8KunOKOjEc6VE8 2) Extract 3) Open "Client\Client\proj\kop.sln" (Open in VS2003) 4) Set Release Configuration 5) Build Solution (shortcut: CTRL + Shift + B) Setup Client: 1) Download client provided by @Billie: https://mega.nz/file/YDBSgCBJ#-hA05hSYFCHO72LhOTV5mcQK4Rse1QxC1eof8sQD0iE 2) Extract 3) Copy "Game.exe" from "Client\Client\bin\system\" to "Corsairs Online - An Ocean Fantasy\system" 4) Copy "MindPower3D_D8R.dll" from "Client\engine\sdk\lib" to "Corsairs Online - An Ocean Fantasy\system"
  5. Snre3n

    exchanger option? exchange x amount

    If you use source, I would start looking at these two functions: CNpcTradeMgr::LocalBuyFromNpc CBlackTradeMgr::SailToBuy
  6. Snre3n

    Source Code Features/Concepts Releases

    @KONG Code provided is proof of concept only. Implementation:
  7. Snre3n

    Source Code Features/Concepts Releases

    // Function: void CHeadSay::Render( D3DXVECTOR3& pos ); // Use this as a reference where to insert the code, its already in source. s_dwNamePartsColors[NAME_INDEX][0] = _dwNameColor; // const stNetChangeChaPart part = _pOwn->GetPart(); const int id = part.SLink[enumEQUIP_NECK].sID; switch (id) { case 6611: { // GM's Necklace in iteminfo s_dwNamePartsColors[NAME_INDEX][0] = COLOR_RED; } break; }
  8. Snre3n

    Source Code Features/Concepts Releases

    //... static char buf[6]; const float seconds_remaining = _fPlayTime - _fCurTime; const int minutes = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining / 60); const int seconds = static_cast<int>(seconds_remaining - (minutes * 60)); minutes > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.2d:%.2d", minutes, seconds) : seconds > 1 ? _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%d", seconds) : _snprintf_s(buf, _TRUNCATE, "%.1f", seconds_remaining); CGuiFont::s_Font.BRender(0, buf, x, y, COLOR_RED, COLOR_BLACK); } // End of function void CAniClock::Render(int x, int y);
  9. Snre3n

    SQL 2014 Express setup

    @jdams1 1 ) Try opening Mangagement Studio as administrator. 2 ) If that doesn't work, make sure your database files is NOT read-only. Try suggestion 1 again.
  10. A growing collection of features/concepts developed and implemented in source code. Got any ideas? Let me know, it might end up here.
  11. Snre3n

    Exchanger NPC when Hover on item

    Client source code, UIBourseForm.cpp. EDIT: Try adding this in traderoom.clu UI_SetIsShow(grdItemSale, TRUE)
  12. Snre3n

    Exchanger NPC when Hover on item

    @mkhzaleh Yes, client side.
  13. Snre3n

    Exchanger NPC when Hover on item

    Changes in function bool CBlackTradeMgr::Init() - grdItemSale->SetIsHint(false); + grdItemSale->SetIsHint(true); EDIT: Tested with weapon.
  14. Snre3n

    1.38 Version Base Files Development

    @Sk3let0n I guess it would be possible to move everything from LUA to C++, but why would you? It would be time consuming and I'm thinking that it would also make everything a lot harder to make changes to, especially since you would have to recompile source. By embedding LUA in the server/game executables you can add/remove content without having to recompile your executables. At client you can see the convenient use of LUA, making UI very customizable, As for server, take a look inside /resource/script/ folder. LUA is there for a good reason.