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  1. Emiliano

    Argent Pk for Some time

    i know how to make outside argent Pk but is posible to make it pk for certain amounth of time like for example 3-5 hour of pk and then no more pk obviusly without closing the gameserver
  2. Emiliano

    Listing All Players in a Map

    hmm every those in ctrl???
  3. Emiliano

    Who Can Release Guild Vs Guild Map System?

    yes i would like to have it too
  4. Emiliano

    Map Time

    i mean i want to set a time that map will open not just like every 3 hour or something like that
  5. Emiliano

    Map Time

    maybe you dont undestood me
  6. Emiliano

    Map Time

    I have a problem with my server when i put a map to open for example every 3 hour and the other every 3 hour but from different start alway there is a hour when all the map open at same time i dont know why this happend and my other question is ? is possible to make a function that i can put the time to a mapa no every 3 hour or so just like i want BH open at 1 and after at 3 and after at 4 for example like add a time for ea map no every XX time
  7. Emiliano

    GM Command editor

    the program doesnt work it show me an error
  8. Emiliano

    CA tweak

    can someone send me CA tweak i didnt have it and i dont remember what is the part of CA tweak
  9. Emiliano

    I need

  10. Emiliano

    I need

    i know it already can you upload client side i didnt have it
  11. Emiliano

    I need

    Could someone upload Chaos Icicle and Chaos Shaitan Server side and client side plss i really need it
  12. Emiliano

    How to Disable Zenb Errors

    this is what appear when i click on the website but i dont think the problem is the website bcoz i try with another website( like 3-4 ) and the same error appear and the link work perfectly
  13. Bro i need you Help :/

  14. Emiliano

    How to Disable Zenb Errors

    one More question,,, When i put a Link of the client in the website and people or me click on it give redirecto to an error page like i click to the client and it give error the link is disable and when i copy and paste the link it work perfectly