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  1. 1g0rS1lv4

    GameServer error

    @scapegoat try to connect fewer maps.
  2. 1g0rS1lv4

    Installing Zend 8.0.2

  3. 1g0rS1lv4

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    0x000D74E0 - Port Client.
  4. 1g0rS1lv4

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    how do i add icon to a new potion or amp? or there is no way? add icon to appear in effect next to others.
  5. 1g0rS1lv4

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    Add in Server File/lua/plugin/
  6. 1g0rS1lv4

    Community Source Code Development

    has some lines off in gameserver for discord.
  7. 1g0rS1lv4

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    just download the client from Billie server
  8. @XXD TOP, parabens, tem previsao e quando vai lança algum beta?
  9. 1g0rS1lv4


    @Shapamoe я использую гугл переводчик в публичной ссылке есть файлы, которые уже имеют нечто подобное. https://gyazo.com/96f05d04276b52c43e609feaff145e83 https://gyazo.com/f7be9cd4a06ba4b4e4c7fbe6bb35c454
  10. 1g0rS1lv4

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    @Sultan Link Exe's CO: Download
  11. 1g0rS1lv4

    WebGL Experiments

  12. 1g0rS1lv4

    Corsairs Online Source codes

    @Stitch https://www.mediafire.com/file/xu4xgu77h9t1bq3/Source+Code+Corsair.rar
  13. 1g0rS1lv4

    Help GroupServer

    @Cjmqew Is missing the guild table in your GameDB .. Click on Make New Query, then copy what you have inside the guild.sql file, paste on the tab that will open in SQL, click on Run. Guild.sql <== Here
  14. 1g0rS1lv4


    Simple Archive Link \/ https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g