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  1. 1g0rS1lv4

    Discussion of current Exploit

    I have already fixed these exploits on my gameserver. CCharacter::BickerNotice CCharacter::PopupNotice CPlayer::SystemNotice
  2. 1g0rS1lv4

    Discussion of current Exploit

    I'm having the same problem and after that error there comes to me that one. I already tried several configurations in the gameserver.cft [Entity] even though I only open argent after falling back to give me that same problem. There are no errors in Lua_err.txt etc ...
  3. 1g0rS1lv4

    GameServer crashing...

    @KONG OK thank you (=
  4. 1g0rS1lv4

    GameServer crashing...

  5. 1g0rS1lv4

    GameServer crashing...

    @KONG @V3ct0r
  6. 1g0rS1lv4

    GameServer crashing...

    after a while with the online server I'm encountering the following error there is no error and no type of logs in the gate, group and accountserver.
  7. 1g0rS1lv4

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    I have this problem in the installation of the website.
  8. 1g0rS1lv4

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

  9. 1g0rS1lv4

    In Game Shop 1.36-1.38

    I'm having the following difficulty connecting the IGS.
  10. 1g0rS1lv4

    Durability and Effectiveness Rings and Neck.

  11. forgot I already saw how it works. rsrsr
  12. ...Does this cause the auto attack to be disabled? @mkhzaleh
  13. Hello Community, make appear the Durability and Effectiveness in the rings and neck, I wonder if it could be done? Would anyone know or know how to do this?